new parents sit on a bed holding their newbron baby girl

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The Details on Booking Newborn Family Photos

Newborn Family Photos – Info on Booking and Planning

Are you pregnant, or do you know someone who is? Considering a newborn photography session? Keep reading for info on booking newborn family photos, timeline information, and more!

new mom holds baby girl with shade shadows across body

I receive a lot of phone calls and emails asking about newborn family photos. Families (okay, more specifically mamas!) want to know when and how to get on my calendar for newborn family photos, how to schedule the actual newborn photography session day, how to prepare for our time together.

Step 1 — You’re Pregnant and Considering Newborn Family Photos

Review my newborn and baby photography portfolio. You’ll notice that newborn baby photo sessions take place in the homes of my clients. These lifestyle newborn photos are a mixture of lightly posed family photos, close ups of babies, and some photos of mom and dad taking care of business.

Like what you see? Inquire. Let me know your expected delivery date. If you have had other babies, let me know if they came early, on time, late.

SIDE NOTE – Have you considered maternity photos? I offer a discount if you book multiple sessions. Interested? Mention it in the inquiry form.

mom looks down on newborn baby girl

new parents sit on a bed holding their newbron baby girl

Step 2 — Pick a Tentative Newborn Photo Session Date

Based on your due date, let’s target a week for your newborn photos. Of course, this window is flexible, but really helpful for planning purposes.

Clients and I will check in with each other as the due date gets closer–some clients text me when they are going into labor or let me know if they’ll be induced. Other clients let me know they’re running late and we come up with a new date window.

I suggest taking newborn photos in the first 12 days of life. To capture baby’s tiny size, I think the ideal date is within a couple days of being settled with a **routine.  (Ha, ha! By routine I mean being home from hospital or feeling a bit settled after a home birth.)

To get on my calendar, I do ask for a $200 retainer to be paid. At this point, it means I will bend over backwards to meet you and your baby!!!

cute baby girl swaddles in pink

Step 3 — You’re Baby is Here and It’s Time to Confirm Photo Session Date

You have met your new baby!!! The best day ever! Now email me, text me, call me, etc. to finalize the newborn photo session date.

mom sitting on couch holds her baby girl

Step 4 — Prepare for Your Newborn Family Photos

Newborn photo sessions start around 9 a.m. Homes typically have best light in the morning, and babies typically do well in the morning.

Crank the heat to get baby sleepy! Baby probably will fight us all and stay awake during the session–this is fine too!

Feel free to text me outfit ideas/questions. Taking photos of what you have/texting questions is the easiest way I can help you plan!

I’ve written several blog posts about preparing for newborn family photos:

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Step 5 Day of Newborn Family Photos

Newborn photography sessions typically take 1-2 hours. I don’t time them.

Parents pop in and out of the photo session–they aren’t “on” that entire time, and we take lots of breaks for nursing, diaper changing, etc.

Be relaxed–enjoy spending time with your baby. Everything they do is totally fine and normal! Sleeping, fussing, fighting sleep…it doesn’t matter…they are adorable and wonderful!

new parents with their newborn baby girl reflected in mirror

mom holds newborn baby foot

portrait of mom and newborn baby girl

detail of a newborn baby girl's face

mom pats yawning newborn baby

colorado dad holds newborn baby girl

Questions? Email me at info@susannahphoto.com, call me, fill out my contact form.

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