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I'm Susannah—a photographer who believes in holding onto all the moments, be that through photos or mindfulness.

I've loved photography since I got a plastic blue Fisher Price 110 film camera in the 80s.

I officially launched my photo business in 2006, but my photography career may have started with my blue Fisher Price 110 film camera and 10 Cabbage Patch kids back in the 80s.

I make family sessions fun with games,  banter, and nerdiness.

Additional likes (you'll be even more comfortable with me taking your photo if any of these resonate with you!) include vinyl records, Hamilton, lightning bugs, float trips on rivers, trail running, mountain lions (not while trail running), live Phish shows, my CSA farm share, and watching my children move through light. I love Maryland, my home state. Give me blue crabs, Natty Boh, and O’s game please. St. John USVI is my favorite spot in the world, but I also love Vermont, Utah, and New York…and pretty much every place I go.

In 2018, I participated in Longmont Studio Tours, displaying photographs and wax paintings to the general public. Before that, I actually majored in art in college!

And now I'm here to help you capture you + yours. 

My clients tend to be a bit more animated than the Cabbage Patch Kids. Luckily  I am good with kids, especially grumpy ones who do not want to be photographed. The same goes with spouses!

Never without

Sunglasses + water


Solitude and Steamboat


Scrolling through the Real Real



A few things I beleive

Moms shouldn't wait to lose those last 10 pounds to book a photo session.

A few things I beleive

Embrace the chaos during a photo session, and just have fun.


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