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When to Schedule A Maternity Photography Session

The Best Time for Maternity Photos

Many clients ask me when to schedule a maternity photography session.

Generally speaking, we want to hold it when your belly is big and round, but you are feeling (somewhat) comfortable and fairly mobile.

Keep scrolling for more details about when to schedule maternity photos.

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28-36 Weeks Pregnant

The best time to take maternity photos is during the 28th through 36th week of your pregnancy. (AKA 7 through 8 months!) At this time, bellies are nice and round, but mamas still have some energy and feel somewhat comfortable (compared to later in the game that is!!!).

I do quickly want to point out that some mamas have bigger bellies, and some mamas have smaller ones. If you are showing more, consider scheduling earlier. If you are showing late, consider scheduling later.

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When to Schedule A Maternity Session Earlier

High-risk Pregnancies

If you have a high-risk pregnancy, taking maternity photos earlier makes sense. Schedule a second semester photo session if this is the case. (And we can choose a location based on your comfort–your home/yard, local park–I defer it to you to choose what is safest for you and baby.)

Carrying Multiples

If you are carrying more than one baby, I suggest scheduling your session between 13-24 weeks.

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How to Schedule

Contact me via my online form. Let me know some dates/times that work for you, as well as any location ideas. (I am happy to make recommendations based on your personality.)

Sessions cost $299. Collections are purchased after the fact. Collections include some to all of the digital files. Collections also include print credits in different amount. Collections start at $700.

If you are also interested in a newborn session (same rates as above), I offer mini maternity sessions within 30 minutes of Boulder for $99.

Two quick thoughts: Partners are welcome to participate in maternity sessions–up to you! And, I typically have some availability on weekdays within a week or two of inquiring. Weekends do fill up.

Additional Maternity Photography Session Information

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tips for planning a maternity photoshootColorado moms to be maternity photoshootsthe best time for taking maternity photos
tips for planning a maternity photoshoot

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