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Denver In Home Newborn Photography Session

Sweet Newborn Baby and His Family

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I was so looking forward to this Denver In Home Newborn Photography session because it was for one of my favorite families! I was lucky enough to photograph mom and dad’s engagement session, wedding, maternity session, several family sessions, and then I got to meet their second son during this photography session.

This Denver in home newborn photography session also occurred late last spring, a few months after the pandemic really hit. It was so nice to get out of my home and be around all the hope that a baby offers. Despite wearing a mask and using copious amounts of hand sanitizer, the session felt like life would be normal one day. Babies are still being born, the human race will continue.

Scroll down to look at photos of the newborn baby boy and his family. After the images, keep reading for several newborn photography session tips for tired parents.

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Newborn Photography Tips

  1. The goal is to have newborn baby sleeping during the photo session. This is why parents crank the heat and feed him or her before I arrive. Yet, chances are, your newborn baby won’t sleep, and that is okay too. Do not stress out–just enjoy your baby model.
  2. As mentioned, crank the heat and feed baby right before I arrive. (I try to text parents with my ETA when I depart my home to help with the timing of all this.)
  3. Gather any props you want in the photos before I arrive. This could be swaddles, hats, special blankets.
  4. You will be deliriously tired. Do not worry about cleaning your home–I will move things off bedside tables and coffee tables as needed. I will also shoot from angles to reduce clutter.
  5. Mama, if you are running a little behind getting dressed/put together, that is okay. I get it.
  6. Newborns are tiny. If you have a specific outfit you want your baby to wear, try it on first and make sure it isn’t loose/doesn’t cover his or her face/doesn’t bunch up in crazy ways.
  7. I almost always prefer baby to be as close to naked as possible–I think it best documents this stage of life.
  8. Mama, wear what you are comfortable in. If you need help picking an outfit, feel free to text me before your session.

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