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When Should I Schedule a Newborn Photography Session?

The Best Time for Newborn Baby Photos

A lot of people ask me, “When should I schedule a newborn photography session?” The short answer is, scheduling one is all that matters. Most of my clients choose to schedule within the first 12 days of week, but you have other options as well. Keep reading for considerations on when to schedule a newborn photography session.

Fresh 48

What is a Fresh 48 session? Fresh 48 photography captures the first few hours of a newborn’s life. Held within the first 24-48 hours, these lifestyle sessions document your baby’s new life. I’ll photograph feedings, diaper changes, swaddling, cuddling, belly buttons, little feet and little fingers.

These sessions occur at the hospital (pending COVID regulations) or at your home. They last 60-90 minutes.

The best way to schedule these is to contact me with your interest and due date before delivery. That way we can chat ballpark schedules. Of course, we can also try to book last minute–contact me or even text me at 303.775.0824 for a faster response.

The session fee for a Fresh 48 is the same as all my other session fees–$299. Collections that include a number of digital prints as well as a print credit are purchased after you view your photos. Collections start at $700.

baby feet

First 12 Days

Most of my clients opt to schedule a newborn photography session within the first 12 days of life. This gives everyone some time to get adjusted to life with a new baby in the home.

These newborn photography sessions are held in the comfort and safety of your home. I’ll photograph you snuggling/cuddling the baby. I’ll also take photos of just the baby (most likely on a bed) as well as document some of the routines of having a newborn (changing diapers, nursing/feeding, dressing).

Newborn photograph sessions last 60-90 minutes.

Scheduling is a bit easier than a Fresh 48 due to the wider window of time. I still recommend reaching out to me while you are pregnant to choose a ballpark session date. We can fine tune after you’ve delivered.

Or, if you haven’t pre-planned, just contact me and I will do my best to get you on the calendar. Since sessions typically occur on weekday mornings, I can usually squeeze in newborn sessions.

The session fee is $299. After your gallery goes live, you choose a collection that includes some combo of files and print credit. Collections start at $700.

image from blog post on when to schedule a newborn photography session. photo shows a dad's arms holding his long newborn baby.
image from blog post on when to schedule a newborn photography session. photo shows a mom holding her baby boy in front a wall with a tree shadow across face.

After the First Two Weeks

Too overwhelmed at the thought of a photographer in your home shortly after giving birth? You can always schedule a photo session anytime.

Babies show off more and more personality as they grow, and 2 or 3 months old is still very tiny!

If your baby is close to 6 months, I suggest holding out until they can sit up. This broadens the posing options by a lot! Plus, by 6 months Mom or Dad can usually get more smiles and giggles from their little one.

After 6 months, standing/walking is the next fun milestone to capture.

I recommend capturing smaller babies at your home, but by the time they are sitting up, your yard, local playground, or park become a more viable/fun option.

a baby rests and smiles while lying on mama

baby boy in his nursery

Additional Newborn Photography Session Information

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