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Smile at these Sweet Erie Colorado Newborn Photography Images

Adorable Erie, Colorado Newborn Photography + Tips

On a recent Friday, I headed to Erie, Colorado to spend a few hours photographing a sweet Erie, Colorado newborn baby boy. What can I say? I am blessed.

Ever since my second son was born, I have been far more comfortable photographing newborns. I so enjoy spending time with them, and soaking in their newborn-ness…you know, tiny fingers, little cries, perfect skin imperfections, fleeting smiles, so many facial expressions right after each other, that startle reflex. It is also fun to watch new parents with their little baby–especially when I’ve known the parents for a while. It is such a joy to see them in the new role of parent!

So, below are photos of sweet Quentin and his parents. The first image makes me smile every time–it melts my heart.

These images are a great representation of my newborn photography style. While baby is sleeping, I will spend some time photographing him on a bed or couch or other area near a big window. Then I’ll take some relaxed posed photos of the parents hanging out with their newborn. And I like to have some time to capture the real moments, like diaper changing, nursing, rocking, shushing. I do not do the super posed baby photos with hats, headbands, blankets, and other props–it just isn’t my thing.

Below the photos are tips for parents for a successful newborn photography session.


All images © Susannah Allen 2016

As I mentioned earlier in the blog post, I’ve come up with a list of tips for parents to have a successful newborn photography session.

6 Tips for a Successful Newborn Photography Session

  1. Have the session within 12 days of birth.
    Babies are so little, so sleepy, and more easy to pose during the first twelve days of life. I have built my schedule so that I can usually accommodate last minute newborn photography sessions–I can usually make Monday, Tuesday, or Friday days work with minimal notice. Of course, it is best if you let me know you plan to schedule a session a couple months before your due date so that I can pencil you into my schedule.
  2. Crank that heat.
    A baby surrounded in warm air is a tired baby, which makes it easier to take photos. I suggest my clients warm up their home to upwards of 80 degrees. Sleeping babies usually look content, and aren’t screaming or demanding food. While I love to capture their true expressions, those sleeping photos are the sweetest!
  3. Expect a newborn photography session to take a few hours.
    I allot 2-3 hours for a newborn photography session. This allows for plenty of breaks to nurse/feed the baby. My style is to hang out with the new family and casually take photos. There will be some posed portraits, but my favorite images are always the ones of parents just interacting with the baby–gazing at their new love, changing diapers, hanging out.
  4. Be relaxed.
    Messy homes are fine. Laundry piles, dishes on the counters, unmade beds…this is all fine. (Although if the bed isn’t made, we’ll probably spend some time making it!) Crying and fussing babies are welcome, and don’t worry about it. Just relax.
  5. Plan on photographing near windows.
    I use natural light for my baby photography, and this means I will be doing most of the photographing on a bed or couch near a window. Please don’t assume it will be on the master bedroom or the living room couch–I will choose the best light for the session.
  6. Treat yourself.
    If you are a new mom and aren’t totally stoked to have your photo taken, if there is any way that you can treat yourself, consider doing it before the session. This could mean something as fancy as a mani/pedi or a massage, or something as simple as having your spouse watch the baby for a bit so you can take a long hot shower and then spend some time getting ready.
  7. Wear simple clothes.
    The goal is to not draw attention away from your baby, so I recommend that you don’t wear any crazy loud patterns or neon colors. Keep it understated.

I hope you enjoyed the photos from this sweet Erie Colorado Newborn Photography Session and the Newborn Photography Tips! Of course, reach out with any questions.

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