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Maternity Photography

What to Wear for Maternity Photos

Are You a Pregnant Mama Curious about Outfits for a Maternity Photography Session?

Keep reading, I can help!

When it comes to maternity photos, you want to choose an outfit that is comfortable, flattering, and highlights your beautiful baby bump. Here are some tips for what to wear for maternity photos:

  1. Choose clothes that fit well.

    You want to show off your baby bump, and you want to feel comfortable. Choose an outfit that makes you feel great, and pay attention to fit. Maternity outfits, especially tops, can be a bit awkward. Do straps stay where they should? Do wrap around tops stay closed?pregnant woman stands in front of river

  2. For maternity photos, don’t worry about solids versus patterns versus neutrals versus patterns.

    I see it all the time: solid colors, such as black, white, navy, and beige, work well for maternity photos. They’re timeless, classic, and won’t distract from the focus of the photos – you and your baby bump.

    BORING! Wear all the bright colors if you love them and feel good in them! I personally don’t love super dark colors or white for outdoor maternity photos–BORING. (I think, however, that they do work better in a photo studio.) And as for patterns–they can detract from your bump, but if you love big, bold flowers–wear something with big, bold flowers!woman stands by road tunnel for maternity photo session

  3. Consider flowy dresses.

    I have to tell you, flowing dresses are my very favorite for maternity session photography. Flowy dresses can be very flattering. They’re comfortable, elegant, and can show off your baby bump beautifully.a pregnant woman poses in front of a colorado river

  4. Accessorize for maternity photos.

    Consider adding some simple accessories to your outfit, such as a statement necklace, a belt to cinch in your waist, a scarf, or a hat. You don’t need to overdo it – you want to keep the focus on your baby bump.

    Also, I always tell my clients to consider wearing more make up than normal, and to consider doing your hair (and be sure to bring a hair tie if we are photographing outdoors since Colorado is windy)(and be sure to place said hair tie on your wrist during your photo session!).pregnant woman dances by rocks while husband sits

  5. Wear comfortable shoes.

    Safety first! You may be doing some walking or standing during your maternity photo shoot, so make sure you wear comfortable shoes that you can move around in easily.

    I may also have you take off your shoes for some of the photos if they are an afterthought to your clothing, or if I think it will look cute.pregnant woman stands in river

Still stumped? Ask me about my client wardrobe. I have a growing selection of dresses that my maternity photography clients can borrow during the photoshoot. Or, if you want inspiration or to purchase your own outfit, I have a wardrobe planning system that I send to all clients.
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