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Wintertime Film Photography of My Boys

Yes, it did snow in Colorado this winter. And I’ve got these film photographs to prove it.

I just received some wintertime film photography scans back from the Find Lab. I was excited to get these images because my journey with film photography feels like it is shifting a bit.

I was more intentional while taking these photos of my boys. One (just a little minor) thing is that I am actually using fresh rolls of film for my personal work (instead of the boxes and boxed of expired rolls I have sitting in a closet). I’ve also been experimenting with pushing and pulling film, which means playing around with the ISO a bit to get different results. It makes my brain hurt to think about too much, so instead I am just doing and playing. And now I am getting picky about colors. Give me a nice red color to photograph…I love how it looks on the goodness of film.

I love how these images are more timeless looking than digital photography. The one image from Christmas morning (it’s the bottom photograph)(be sure to notice how dark it still was outside!)…could have been taken anytime over the last 50 years. And maybe they’re a little bit softer and more dreamy.

So, without further ado, check out the the wintertime film photography featuring my boys and Colorado snow. (Yes, it has actually snowed at least a few times along the Front Range of Colorado over this relatively mild, dry winter. The photos prove it!)

And, my youngest is a bit more willing to be photographed these days, plus I spend more time with him, which is why he’s in more of the photos. Not having the same amount of images of each boy drives me bonkers, but it is our current reality.

All images © Susannah Allen 2017-18

To view more of my personal film photography, check out this blog post.

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