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Film Scans From An Island in Maine

Last summer I visited the East Coast for a few weeks. One of my destinations was to just outside of Georgetown, Maine to visit an undeveloped island that my friend just happens to own. (How cool is that?) My husband, the boys, and I headed up the coast from New York to meet our friends. We rowed our camping gear across the waters of the Sagadahoc Bay to reach the island, where we had a couple of wonderful days. My favorite was clamming in the mudflats at low tie. Wait, my favorite was having a clam bake and eating the clams we caught in the mudflats at low tide. My favorite was not waking up one night to hear snorting outside my tent.

Film scans of the Maine fun appear below. No images of a snorting beast in the night. And enjoy the film grain and the colors.

All images © Susannah Allen 2017

Just in case you are a photography nerd, the black and white images were taken with my Pentax 645 medium format camera. I used Kodak TMAX400 film stock. (I am guessing this film stock was not expired!)

The color images were taken on my Canon Elan 7 35mm film camera. The were definitely taken on expired film stock (Motofoto 200), which may contribute to the old school color palette.

As I sit here months later writing this blog post, I am shocked that I brought both cameras to the island with me. We did take a couple trips of camping gear across…poor fellows pulling the raft through the mud while trying to beat low tide.

To view more film images, go to this blog post (also from my summer East Coast trip) or this blog post. Or, to view more personal travel images, check out this blog post featuring photos from Oregon.

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