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Are You in Love with The Lodge at Breckenridge for Your Wedding?

…Then Check Out These Wedding Tips for The Lodge at Breckenridge

In my last blog post, I wrote about tips for couples getting married in Breckenridge. In this blog post, I am getting even more specific. I will share tips for those getting married at The Lodge at Breckenridge.

I’ve photographed many weddings at this mountain wedding venue, and have blogged several of them. Over the past couple weeks, I have been re-reminded that many of my Lodge at Breck weddings were featured on other wedding blogs. Because of that, I never got around to fully blogging about them here…I am working to change that. But, before I share past weddings, I thought sharing my tips on getting married at the Lodge at Breckenridge would be more helpful for you mountain brides and grooms.

Keep reading/scrolling for the Lodge at Breckenridge wedding tips!

#1 – Consider your ceremony aisle and seating configuration.

One of my favorite features of The Lodge at Breckenridge is most definitely the deck. The deck overlooks the Breckenridge ski resort and the Colorado mountains, so the views are amazing, special, memorable, etc. Most wedding ceremonies take place on this deck.

BUT, the deck isn’t always the easiest for wedding ceremony photos. First, there are a couple options for the aisle. I’ve seen couple walk lengthwise down the long side of the deck, which I think makes for way better wedding processional photos. This has a more traditional wedding feel. I have also seen couples walk from the lobby doors to their “altar” area. This makes for a super short aisle. This is fine, but you may not get the traditional wedding processional feel in your photos.

Also, depending on how you configure the seating/chairs, getting photography from many angles is impossible without causing big disruptions during the ceremony (which is definitely not my style). Oftentimes I cannot walk behind the bridesmaids to get the reactions of the bride’s parents, which is kind of a bummer for me. Usually I can maneuver behind rows of chairs to get the groom’s parents.

And, if the wedding couple faces each other quite directly instead of facing their wedding guests, getting great photos of the bride that aren’t in profile can be a little bit of a challenge. If the wedding ceremony is at least 15 minutes, this typically isn’t a problem–couples move around a fair amount during the ceremony so that I can get great shots of the bride.

But, these are some of the things I think about when planning to photograph weddings at the Lodge at Breckenridge. As a couple getting married there, I would say it is a worth a conversation with their staff about how you want the aisle configured and where you want the seats. Easy ways around some of my concerns would be to place all parents along the right-hand side of the deck (sort of directly in front of the lobby doors) and to make sure both the bride and groom face their guests during the ceremony.

#2 – Do a First Look

I am always a fan of first looks, but by having one here, you can participate in my next tip.

And, the deck makes for a great first look spot! Those mountains with the ski hill, aspen trees, wildflowers…it is an easy spot for a first look and it pays off in the photos!

groom kissing his bride

#3 – Head to a Boreas Pass

If you do a first look or if you totally don’t mind missing your entire cocktail hour, you should head up Boreas Pass for portraits.

Most of my couples do a first look and then head up the pass with their bridal party and sometimes close family. We take photos by this amazing meadow and capture other scenes of interest along the way, while passersby cheer and congratulate you.

Because driving up there and back takes a good chunk of time (15-20 minutes each way, but longer if it is leaf peeping season), I only like heading up there when couples have allotted plenty of time for the trip. This means hair and make up started early enough, that flowers (if you want them in photos) have been delivered early enough, and that everyone is dressed and ready to go by the appointed time.

I always like to point out that there is no cell service up Boreas Pass, so every car needs to follow me or we need to map out exactly where we will meet on the pass. (I prefer everyone follow me so that there is no chance of a problem.)

Other Boreas Pass success tips include having ladies wear flats or at least be mentally prepared to hobble around tough and rocky terrain if they’re in heels. And to bring water.

If taking the time to go to Boreas Pass isn’t your thing, we can take photos on the deck of the Lodge. (Although if we are taking them before the ceremony, we have to compete with staff prepping the ceremony site, and that isn’t the best.) When flowers are in bloom, photographing on the looker’s left hand side of the front of the Lodge can be a nice option. My point is that you don’t have to go to Boreas Pass, but I recommend it if you can allot the time!

three images of a bride and groom getting outdoor wedding portraitstwo images of a bridge and groom in the moutains

(The last three photos were taken at the Lodge at Breckenridge–the couples wanted to stay at the venue and not rush anywhere on their wedding day. Which I totally support!)

#4 – Consider uplighting for the reception room.

I typically do not endorse lights and lighting during a wedding reception, but I love uplighting at the Lodge at Breckenridge. I think it makes the room look way more complete and finished. And, it also adds interest to your wedding photography. Hampton Entertainment knows how to nail the uplighting in this space.

bride and groom dancetwo images of a groom dancing with his grandma during an indoor wedding reception

#5 – Consider Dance Floor Placement.

I’ve seen all sorts of dance floor locations at the Lodge at Breck. I’ve seen it placed in the middle of the reception room. I’ve seen it placed on the far end of the reception room. I’ve seen it placed on the deck. For photography, I love it outside on the deck (the couple still did first dances in the middle of the reception room) or in the middle of the reception room.

two photos of wedding dancinga couple dancing on their wedding daytwo images of a tent on a decktwo images of wedding dancing and bar in a tenttwo images of wedding reception dancinga grandma dancesoutdoor wedding reception dancing

…And a Few More Thoughts on The Lodge at Breckenridge

**Some couples get ready in the two houses on the outskirts of the property. This is definitely a great option, and I also like it when couples have access to the room above the deck. I believe this is the Honeymoon Suite. Photographers can head up there during the reception (especially if there will be dancing on the deck or a long cocktail hour on the deck) to get some interesting photos. And, coordinating who has to be where and when is a little easier from the main lodge than from one of the houses (although it really is up to you of course–just sharing some thoughts!).

**One couple handed out sunglasses on a sunny day for guests to wear during the ceremony. A great idea! (Although you cannot count on bright sunshine during a summer afternoon wedding thanks to common rainstorms/thunderstorms.)

**The food at the Lodge at Breckenridge is always tasty. They do a quick and efficient job with the buffet. It is normally in the lobby with the fireplace, so decorating that room does make sense.

**I personally don’t love it when VIPs give their speeches or toasts while standing by the reception room doors that head out to the deck. (Usually the cake will be to one side, and this is near the middle of the room dance floor.) I think it is a lot nicer if guests stand by the head table or stand at their own table. This is primarily for photo purposes!

**I have seen wedding guests leave early at this venue, especially members of older generations. I am assuming that it is because they have a room at the Lodge, so they turn in whenever they have to. I have also seen wedding guests leave the reception and return in blue jeans and flannel shirts. I am totally not judging, but I am just sharing info with you!

**And don’t forget dogs are welcome! YAY!!!

a dessert table spread during a weddingimages of wedding reception tablesbride and groom mingle during their wedding receptionwedding decor of head table

dusk sunset photo

Thanks for reading up on my Lodge at Breckenridge wedding tips/ideas/etc. I tried to include photos that would help you plan your own wedding there!

Oh, and all images are copyright me, Susannah Storch, 2013-2017.

If you have any questions about the Lodge at Breckenridge, ask away in the comments!

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