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You Need These Top 5 Insider Breckenridge Wedding Tips

Chris + Gabby’s Lodge at Breckenridge Wedding

As I mentioned a couple of blog posts ago, I have a lot of wedding photography that I haven’t shared. Chris and Gabby’s Breckenridge wedding was featured in a wedding blog, but I have never blogged about it here (other than a few wedding couple portraits here). I know that sharing a ton of wedding images isn’t always super helpful to couples planning a Colorado wedding…so along with their wedding photos, I am sharing my Top 5 Insider Tips for a Fabulous Breckenridge Wedding.

Keep reading/scrolling for the Breckenridge wedding tips!

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#1 – Prepare For All Sorts of Mountain Weather!

I have photographed many weddings at the Lodge at Breckenridge and one thing that is never the same: the weather. Blazing hot sun, violent afternoon thunderstorms, rain, and snow…I’ve seen it all.

To set everyone up for success, make sure that wedding guests know how to pack for the Colorado mountains. This means lots of layers, sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, umbrellas (although you’ll never see me carrying an umbrella–way too practical for me!).

Chris and Gabby got married under intense sun on the deck of the Lodge at Breck. It overlooks the ski resort and has the most fabulous views, but it can get quite hot. Guests used the wedding day programs to shade themselves. Other Lodge at Breckenridge wedding couples have handed out sunscreen, paper fans, and cheap sunglasses to guests to help combat the intense mountain sun.

#2 – Consider a First Look

Well, I am always a fan of first looks on wedding days. But, in Breckenridge, I am especially a fan of them.

This means that couples can do their first look (capture authentic portraits) and then head off to a super scenic mountain spot for more wedding couple portraits, or bridal party portraits, or even family portraits. Because heading offsite for portraits can take a bit of time, I am far more comfortable scheduling it before the ceremony. And, that way, couples have plenty of time to mingle during cocktail hour. This also helps keep the reception right on time.

At Lodge at Breckenridge weddings (like Chris and Gabby’s), I typically photograph first looks on the side of the big deck to capture the aspen trees and beautiful mountain views.

#3 – Head to a Unique Breckenridge Spot for Portraits

Breckenridge is full of amazing, scenic spots for wedding portraits.

I love heading up Boreas Pass for wedding portraits…there are great mountain views, green meadows, wildflowers, aspens. A couple things to keep in mind about this location: it is up a mountain pass, so it can some time to get there. Especially on a fall weekend, when it can be downright crowded with leaf peepers. So you must allot a big chunk of time if heading up the pass. Also, there is no/limited cell service up there, so make sure everyone travels to photo spots together or is very clear on the meeting point. Finally, the terrain is rough. Ladies should wear flats/flip flips or be prepared to hobble around a bit.

Another spot that is fun for wedding photography is the High Line Railroad Museum, which is much closer to town. I photographed one of my wedding couples there, and you can find some of the portraits in this Breckenridge wedding blog post.

Of course, there are tons of other scenic spots, and I recommend taking advantage of the scenery, and allotting lots of time for portraits.

#4 – Drinks Lots of Water.

Yes, this is true for all Colorado weddings. But is especially true of Colorado weddings that take place in the mountains. The altitude, the dry air, the sun, the craft brews…everything will hit you harder. This is especially true if you are dancing and partying the night away.

#5 – Enjoy the Town of Breckenridge

Breck is a charming mountain town. Sure, there are plenty of touristy tee-shirt shops, but there are also great restaurants, real clothing stores, and amazing outdoor activities. I am not going to tout where to eat and stay in this blog post, but be sure to share info with your wedding guests on area activities.

Okay, so I am not going to tell you where to stay, but I will say this: the Lodge at Breckenridge lets you bring your pooch with you. Just sayin’, and check out this blog post about weddings and dogs.

Also, when I am in Breckenridge, I am so busy photographing weddings instead of the town. So in this section, I am sharing wedding decoration ideas…it doesn’t quite go with the headline, but I still hope to give you wedding ideas!

…And a Few More Breckenridge Wedding Photos

Okay, a few more photos from Chris and Gabby’s Lodge at Breckenridge wedding.

Thanks for reading up on tips for a successful Breckenridge wedding. I just want to stress the number 1 tip…prepare for the weather! It can make or break the experience of your wedding guests. Be sure to ask all of your wedding vendors about back up rain plans. If you are getting married outside, ask your venue if they have propane heaters, and at what point they would light them. Tell your guests to bring warm layers.

Also, I hope you enjoyed the photos from Chris and Gabby’s fun, sweet, beautiful wedding!

If you have any questions about Breckenridge weddings, ask away in the comments.

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