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Family Photography

Do You Want to Know My Approach to Family Portrait Sessions?

Well Here it is!

I photograph many types of family-related photo sessions: families, newborns/babies/children/high school children, maternity. Before I launch into too many details, “first let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Let’s get this show on the road.” (Bonus points if you know the song!)

Location and Timing
I believe your family photography session should take place in a location that is meaningful to you, be it in your home (which I love, love, love) or at a local park/hiking trail/etc. I will photograph you and yours anytime of day, but if we are doing an outdoor session, I love working together the last hour before dusk.

Timeless Images
When I edit your images after the portrait session, I edit as timelessly as possible. This means I strive to get the colors in your images as accurately as possible. This also means that although I respect dark and moody photos…it is not part of my approach. Nor are filters that make your images look brown, tan, yellow, purple, red…unless I am photographing with a fun/funky film stock that is!

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Film + Digital
Wait, did I just mention the F-word? Yup, film! These days I am photographing most sessions in digital, since that is where most of my professional photography experience is. But, I usually include a roll or two of film as well. This way I can grow my skills and you can enjoy soft, dreamy, romantic images!

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Posing Versus Not
And now its time to share my approach when working with you! While photographing all different types of clients, I strive to capture natural images. I do loosely pose my families, but I especially love the “in between” moments that are a bit more authentic. I believe they more accurately tell your story, as well as do a better job conveying love and connection.

Setting Up the Scene
While I am photographing your family and paying attention to the light and the background, my mind is also coming up with ideas to best capture you. If younger kids are present, I’m thinking of games that will help capture cute moments. If older kids are around, I may try to involve them with setting up the scene.

And if kids aren’t cooperating, I don’t worry at all. That means it’s time to move onto something else. (Parents, I don’t want you to get annoyed! It’s easier if we are feeling laid-back!)

I am also working to keep everyone relaxed. I may chat away to help make you comfortable. If I am not talking, that usually means everything is perfect and amazing and exactly how I want, so I am shooting away!

Stay Relaxed
Well, it’s not quite a day at the spa, but I work very hard to keep everyone relaxed. I’ll chat away, be silly, be nerdy. I’ll give posing directions (and let men know where to place their hands!)…and if I am quiet that just means you are being perfect!

Things I Love
I love, love motion in photos. This helps you relax and tends to be either pretty natural, or else pretty silly. Walking, swinging, throwing, twirling, tossing….

…I also love where harsh direct light meets shadows. This is more dramatic than the safe light of open shade. And, yes, I also love backlighting. So I usually photograph some scenes in shade or by using backlighting…and if I am lucky enough to find a great space where sun and shadows meet, I may work a little harder to pose you in that space.

…I also love hair and hands and texture.

If you are interested in booking a family portrait session, visit my contact page.

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  1. Anna says:

    I LOVE that you include film in your shoots. This was a really great post filled with lots of great tid-bits and insights 🙂 Plus, I also love all the photos!

  2. Lauren Casino says:

    These are such great tips and information to help families! I absolutely LOVE that you shoot film too – that’s something I would love to learn one day!

  3. It’s so insightful to know your thoughts and reasonings behind why you do what you do! Helps me connect with you and understand your perspective. Film is such a unique factor these days as well!

  4. Great info! I love that you will shoot some film at your sessions!

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