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What You Need to Do if the Photoshoot Forecast Is Rain

Rainy Weather Help

Oh, Colorado.

Flip flops in the morning, snow boots by afternoon. 95 degree sunshine all day, with violent hail and rain storms in the afternoon. Sudden wind storms and gusts in the mountains with calm air down below. We all know this to be true: Colorado likes to surprise us when it comes to weather.

So, what if the forecast calls for rain on the day or evening of your photoshoot?

Keep reading for thoughts on how to prepare for your rainy Colorado photoshoot. And be sure to check out some of the Flower Child Mama & Me mini session images after the info…these sessions had to be rescheduled due to May rain. Thoughts on that after the images.

If possible, let’s wait until the last minute.

If you’ve schedule an outdoor photoshoot with me, and it is rainy or thundering/lightning out, let’s try to wait until the last minute to decide how we’ll proceed. I am especially cautious of thunder/lightning–safety first!

Please, please have your cell phone turned on and around you as the time of your photoshoot approaches. If we do need to change plans, check in on forecasts, etc. this is important!

Colorado weather often clears out pretty quickly, and stormy skies or even light (light, light, light) rain and mist can be AMAZING for photos. And cloud coverage is always great and more flattering and gives us so many easy backdrop options.

So, unless it is pouring rain East Coast rainy style for the entire day, there is a good chance the photoshoot will happen! And if we’re meeting in a spot with rock shelters, cute buildings, or other outbuildings (which many of my Colorado photoshoot locations happen to have), we have great weather-proof-ish portrait spot anyway.

How to prepare for your photoshoot.

If the weather looks iffy, there are ways to plan to maximize success!

If you have long hair, I always recommend bringing a hair tie (but keep it in a pocket and NOT around your wrist please) in case the wind picks up. If you are worried about frizz, extra hairspray/appropriate product is helpful.

Bring several clothing options. Yes, you may want your little one in the cutest sundress ever, but if possible rain brings in cooler temps, consider a back up outfit or layers. A cute cardigan or special blanket could be all that is needed. (Plus, having back up options in never a bad idea, even for adults. I know that I’ve accidentally spilled coffee on myself while driving!)

Props like a clear umbrella are helpful…and if you are getting married, may even help ward off rain!

Be flexible.

Some people go into a photoshoot wanting a very specific result, which really isn’t my style. By embracing the craziness and surprises of real life, we will capture authentic images of you and your love(s), which is part of the reason I hope you are hiring me!

So if it starts to pour, let’s seek shelter and laugh!


If a storm looks very severe (lingering thunder/lightning, pouring rain, or lots of snow) and safety is impacted, I am definitely happy to reschedule.

If we are at the beginning of a photoshoot and the weather gets nuts and there isn’t any sign of it relenting, we can also reschedule for another day!

It is usually easy to reschedule me for a weeknight evening. Weekends can be harder, but I know that some of my clients are visiting from other places and are only here for a couple of days. I will do my very best to accommodate you!

All images © Susannah Allen 2018

Flower Child Mama & Me Mini Sessions Thoughts

The above images are of the contest winner of my Flower Child Mama & Me Mini Sessions. (To help promote the event, I gave away one photo session.) Her name is Morgan, and she makes amazing jewelry that can be viewed on Instagram or her Etsy shop.

I did reschedule my mini sessions…we had a couple days of solid rain, and more rain was in the forecast. Instead of the 70s-80s temps we’d been having, highs were in the 50s. Because of the amount of clients, I thought preemptive rescheduling made sense.

I probably shouldn’t have. The original day was chilly, but the stormy clouds were up high and the mountains looked so cool. The rescheduled day also was chillier and the clouds weren’t nearly as cool looking…

I am considering alternate ways to handle any mini sessions that I offer to avoid the stress of bad weather!

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