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When Should You Schedule Newborn Family Portraits?

Professional newborn family portraits are one of the best ways to capture and preserve the special moments of your baby’s new life. But when is the best time to schedule newborn family portraits? Here, I’ll share with you the ideal timing for newborn family photos (plus I’ll provide tips on how to make the most of your session).

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The Best Time for Newborn Family Portraits

The best time to take newborn family photos is within the first two weeks of life.

During this time, babies sleep a lot (but let me tell you they may be wide awake during our photo session, and this FINE!) and are still so tiny. They may still have those newborn baby details like little hairs on their shoulders, their umbilical cords, and the pin pricks from initial vaccinations (if you went that route).

Capturing this phase means you’ll have sweet newborn images to share with your loved ones and your baby (and one day your baby’s baby!) when they’re grown. And, of course, you will also have them for yourself so that you can marvel at your little one and at the miracle of life.

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Tips for Preparing for Your Newborn Session

I’ve created a fair amount of blog content that shares things you can do to prepare for your newborn family portrait session.

Some of these posts can be found here:
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Meanwhile, my biggest reminders to clients are to crank up the heat before I get there and to RELAX. Enjoy that baby. We’ll figure everything else out together!


What To Wear for Newborn Family Portraits

Yup, I’ve created blog posts on this too (see above), but it is definitely one of the most common questions, so I’m addressing it here too. When it comes to what you should wear for your newborn family photos, there are no hard and fast rules.

It’s generally best to stick with neutral colors so the clothes don’t distract from the focus of the photo – your baby! Still, I am a sucker for red dresses and I love patterns, so don’t fret too much–be yourself. And if you are feeling self-conscious, you can always text me outfit ideas or we can rotate through a couple different looks during the photo session.

As for baby, many outfits are too big and can hide their face. If you want a photo of your baby in a specific look, please consider this. (I love photos of baby’s with minimal clothing to increase the focus on their faces and tiny limbs.)

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Final Thoughts

Newborn family portraits are a great way to capture those special moments with your new baby and the best time to take them is within the first two weeks after birth. I suggest scheduling with me before your baby is born so that it is one less thing to take care of after your baby arrives. (I’ve even created a blog post on how to book your newborn baby photography session.)

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