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Newborn Photoshoot: Why I Don’t Pose Babies

Are You an Expecting Parent Searching for a Newborn Photographer?

If you are searching for a photographer for a newborn photoshoot and came across my website, I hope you are considering lifestyle newborn photos instead of super posed/staged newborn photos with all the props.

As a newborn photographer, I am going to share with you reasons why I don’t pose babies (and what I do offer instead).

    1. Newborn babies are already perfect.

      The focus should be on your baby! They don’t need fancy swaddles, clips, baskets, all the things to make them look better–this only distracts from their cuteness.

    2. Posed newborn baby photography doesn’t capture your love and connection with your baby.

      Overly posed newborn portraits don’t capture your family. They don’t capture you interacting with your newborn baby. Instead, the images show props.
      Simply put, posed newborn photo sessions don’t capture the depth of your family’s love.

    3. Safety.

      Posing newborns can be dangerous. Their neck and head control are not fully developed, which means unnatural movements or positioning could cause injury.

      Additionally, many popular newborn poses require the use of props, such as baskets and bowls, which can be unstable and pose a risk to the baby’s safety.

      I 5000% don’t want to risk your baby’s safety or health.

    4. Newborn babies should be with their parents.

      Babies are happiest when they are with their parents. And parents only get to hold their babies on their chests for so long–squirmy, opinionated toddlerhood (is that a word?!) is just around the bend. Capturing babies with you is so important!

    So, instead of unnatural posing, I focus on capturing the natural beauty and the family love during newborn photoshoot. My goal is to create timeless, beautiful images that you will treasure for years to come, and I am committed to doing so in a manner that is safe and respectful of your baby’s well-being.

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    Additional Information About Newborn Photoshoots

    When Should You Schedule Newborn Family Portraits?
    What is Lifestyle Newborn Photography?

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