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Should I Have an In Home or Studio Newborn Photo Session for My Baby?

Holding your newborn photo session in your own home has several benefits.

Can’t decide between an in home or studio photo session for your newborn baby? Keep reading as I share my opinion on your options (based on over 15 years as a newborn family photographer).

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An In Home Newborn Photo Session is Safer for Your New Baby.

First of all (especially if this is your first time as a parent), you don’t need to worry about driving your new baby.  (I remember when we drove my oldest home from the hospital. I’ve never seen so much tailgating and speeding in my life!)

And then…less germs. Because you aren’t taking your baby into an indoor public place, they’ll won’t be exposed to the germs of other kids(especially toddlers!)/families who have been at the photography studio.

You, Your Family, and Newborn Baby Will Be More Comfortable at Home.

Your new baby is going through so many changes. They don’t need to be dragged away from the comfort of their new home for a photoshoot. And, being in their home with their (somewhat, just barely) established routine will help make your photography session more relaxed and comfortable for all.

Other family members will also be more comfortable at home. Spouses can take breaks to answer emails or nap. Big brothers and big sisters can play with their toys while the new baby is getting their solo portraits taken.

Everyone can access snacks. You can turn up the heat to keep baby happy. You can drink unlimited cups of coffee.

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In Home Newborn Photo Sessions are More Convenient.

When you have a newborn, it can be challenging to leave your home. With a newborn photo session in your own home, you won’t need to worry about getting to a photography studio. You won’t need to worry about timing your session around feedings and naps.

And, if you have 2 kids, 3 kids…you know how hard it is to get everyone dressed, packed up, and buckled into a car. Skip this step to help reduce stress.

With an in home newborn photo session, you and your family can relax in your own home and let me come to you!

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Your Home Reflects Your Personal Touch.

Your home is a reflection of you and your family. Using it as the backdrop for your newborn photos will tell your story even more to future generations. Plus, if you put a lot of effort and energy to setting up a baby nursery (which I may have only done for my first fellow), why not have it documented in professional photos?!

Your personal touch simply can’t be matched in a photography studio.

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You Have Control Over the Environment.

You can control the temperature, lighting, and noise levels in your home to ensure that your baby is comfortable and at ease during the photography session. (Although you may be uncomfortably warm since it is best to crank the heat to keep baby happy!)

The Bottom Line: In Home Newborn Photo Sessions Authentically Capture this Fleeting Moment of Time for Generations to Come.

Having a newborn photography session in your own home has numerous benefits, from comfort and convenience to personal touch and more control. And, if you are interested in booking, keep scrolling!

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