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The Importance of Including Grandparents in Photo Sessions

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I believe that moms need to be in photos with their families. Today. While your kids are still shorter than the kitchen counters and your home is cluttered with LEGOS, stuffies, and piles of laundry. 
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Include Grandparents in Family Photos

I am often asked about extending family session–those including siblings, grandparents, cousins. And since Grandparents Day is September 12, I figured I should share this information in a blog post. While large groups may incur an additional expense, I am happy to include grandparents in photos.

Simply put, who is more important than a grandparent?! I have been blessed with THE BEST GRANDPARENTS in the world. Photos of them in their youth, early courtship, as parents, holding me as a baby, at family events as I’m older–all of these images are incredibly dear to me and have made me who I am.

My sons are close to their grandparents as well. My in-laws have taught them this year, spearheading online education so that my boys can continue to see them. My boys spend hours Facetiming and Zooming my parents, even sharing their iPad screens to show off their Minecraft worlds (God bless my patient parents!).

So, yes, to including grandparents in photo sessions! Keep reading for more thoughts.

grandfather holds his baby granddaughter

Grandparents are VIPs

Kids and grandparents have a special relationship.

There was nothing like going to Grammy’s house and being served snacks of Ritz crackers with cream cheese or plums while reading Nancy Drew books.

For my boys, there is nothing like heading to Nana’s on a hot summer day to swim in her pool and then sit out by the pool eating Popsicles and drinking Sprites.

Why not capture this cherished bond by including grandparents in the photo session? (And no one needs to be in every single shot–they can appear in just a few.)

You Will Cherish the Photos Even More

Professional family photography becomes a family heirloom (when printed and shared in your life through prints, albums, framed art). If your parents are part of your story, they should be in the heirlooms too.

including grandparents in a photo session -- grandma holds baby girl

Grandparents Love Being Included

Many grandparents may not love, love, love the idea of being photographed, but I know that somewhere they will be happy that you ask them!

As I mentioned, grandparents do not need to be in every photo. Even having them appear for a few minutes of a session works great.

It’s Nice to Have a Non-wedding Day Pro Photo

The only professional photos I have with my parents are from my wedding day. It would be nice to have high quality updated photos with them to add to our memories. And it would be nice to have a professional photo of just the two of them–how often does that happen?!

parents and their adult daughter stand in front of boulder's flatirons

Grandparents Can Help Wrangle Kiddos

If you have multiple children, a toddler, or a baby, having grandparents present during a family photography session can be very helpful.

Extra arms are always welcome to wrangle kids!

Extra eyes to keep an eye on runaway toddlers!

And, grandparents can be very good at cajoling smiles out of shy babies (just make sure they are doing this directly above my lens so baby is looking at camera).

A Photo Session or Photo Products is a Great Gift

You can book a family photo session as a gift for your parents or in-laws, or you could gift them prints, albums, framed desk art after the session. These products are perfect for the holidays, Mother’s or Father’s Day, or a birthday.

family with baby girl and dog stand in front of boulder's flatirons

How to Schedule

As you can see, there are many reasons for including grandparents in photo sessions. If you are interested in booking one and including them, just Contact me via my online form.

Let me know some dates/times that work for you, as well as any location ideas. (I am happy to make recommendations based on your personalities.)

Sessions cost $299. Collections are purchased after the fact. Collections include some to all of the digital files. Collections also include print credits in different amount. Collections start at $700.

Additional Family Photography Session Information

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photo of grandparents standing in front of flowering tree

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