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Colorado Family Photo Outfit Ideas

What to Wear for Your Family Photography Session

Booked a Family Photo Session and Need Outfit Help?

Take a look at these photos from recent family sessions and read why I think the clothing works. Get inspired for your own family photo outfit ideas!

1. Complimentary Color Coordination for Family Photos.

Crystal chose this beautiful orange dress that she already owned for her photo session. She was able to find a sweet orange dress for her daughter. If you look closely, the colors aren’t an exact match, but they’re still in the same color family. I like this so that everything isn’t too matchy-matchy/perfect. Her husband’s shirt (which also happens to be her dad’s wedding shirt) is off-white…more on the neutral side…which works so well with the almost earthy orange dress. The blue details in his shirt also complement the blue details in their daughter’s dress.

I also like that the color palette is on the earthy side and that it goes with the green grass and trees as well as the browns in the landscape. It doesn’t blend in too much and it doesn’t look garishly bright or anything either.

2. And Even More Complimentary Color Coordination for Photography Sessions.

I like the blues that Jennifer chose for her family’s photo session. Her sons look good together. Their outfits look crisp and pop. Even though they are wearing different patterns, I like how they go together. Her husband’s shirt has a nod to the blue and she is wearing neutral colors.

3. Accessories for Your Family Photoshoot

I love the accessories that Crystal pulled for the photo session–hats and bows. And I love what Jennifer put together–a chunky necklace and big earrings. (Crystal also pulled out big earrings…swoon!)  I also love the yellow moccasins Jennifer’s son is wearing–they add a pop of color and a great finishing touch his outfit.

4. Textures Too!

Give me all the textures! Jennifer’s sweater works nicely because of its texture (and the little pops of color/contrast that the texture provides). I love he youngest’s sweater as well–the knit draws me in and is a nice contrast against big brother’s shirt and dad’s shirt.

5. Takeaways About Family Photo Outfit Ideas

**Start by shopping your closet or choosing your outfit. Pick something that you love/feel good in. Consider color, texture, pattern.

**Have your spouse where a complimentary/neutral color. I sometimes suggest circling back to your spouse after picking out clothes for the children.

**Pick out outfits for your kiddos. Choose colors that pull in elements of your outfit…either a similar shade or a complimentary color. (Blue/orange; red/green; yellow/purple are complimentary colors in the art world.)

**Consider patterns. I think having half of the people in solids and half of the people in patterns looks great. For patterns, I don’t worry too much if one person is in stripes and the other is in plaids, but I would hesitate to put big bold plaids next to delicate country florals. Also, I believe kids can get away with bolder patterns more easily since they are smaller and the patterns will take up a bit less space in the photos.

**Add texture. I love a variety of fabrics. If possible, add texture through sweaters, socks, gloves, hats, mittens.

**Accessorize. Again with the hats, gloves, mittens, scarves, bigger than normal jewelry, new shoes even for babies who hardly ever wear shoes…

**You can always text me images of your clothing ideas for feedback!

To see more wardrobe help, check out this blog post about preparing for an outdoors winter family photography session or this blog post on what to wear for newborn photography sessions.

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