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Colorado Maternity Photography Or Not

Colorado Maternity Photography?

Okay, that is what I was going to write about…but I just can’t bring myself to share maternity photos / business as usual with everything going on.

I don’t know where to begin. Since March, life has certainly been quite the journey. So many thoughts. So much uncertainty. Everything is the same, nothing is the same. Nothing is new, everything is new. Business as usual, let’s have a new normal.

I have been quiet on my blog, but working behind the scenes. I have a small wedding tomorrow. I’ve had a newborn session, an elopement, an engagement session. More photography jobs are soon to follow.

I am slowly starting to market photography again–sessions will look different–socially distanced, I’ll wear a mask, but I think we can work together to get great portraits safely.

But between the coronavirus and the killing of George Floyd, photography doesn’t seem incredibly important. (Although capturing photos with your loved one could be part of your legacy, and thereby very important. Confusing times.)

What are you doing to cope with COVID? With summer here and photography work, things seem to be getting back to normal. But just this past week, I’ve learned that two loved ones are sick. One, at home with fever and cough, is waiting for test results. The other has been diagnosed, and his elderly parents live with him. I will wait and see and say my prayers and re-realize that, despite the temptation, this is not going to be a normal summer. COVID is now reaching people I know.

And, how are you supporting black lives matter? Right now, I am having conversations with my boys. I have looked into black-owned businesses in Boulder County and was pleasantly surprised to learn that Longmont’s Maker General is on the list. (I shop there when I can.) I have signed petitions. I would like to purchase or rent toys, movies, and books that feature diversity. It’s probably not enough.

So today this is all I have for you. Maternity portraits are for a different day.


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