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Have a Stress-free Toddler Outdoor Photoshoot

Colorado Toddler Outdoor Photoshoot

Enjoy your Outdoor (or Indoor!) Family Photo Session with Young Kids

I am not going to sugar coat it: working with young children during a family photography shoot can be a challenge. I have had many toddler outdoor photoshoots with the toddler boy running off into the nether! I have also seen tears, breakdowns, and “no’s.” And I have also witnessed big personalities, love, connection, laughter, silliness, and all the other good family stuff.

How can we get to the good stuff so that you feel stress-free toddler outdoor photoshoot? (Or indoors for that matter)?

*Let your kids be themselves during the photoshoot!

If you children cannot be still for even a second, let’s embrace that and create photos that highlight who they are. Let’s harness that energy and play! Toddlers love being twirled, swung between two parents, held upside down. Count on playing small games like these to showcase fun and love.

*Don’t worry about your toddler’s behavior. Try to stay relaxed.

I have seen it all, and as a mom to two boys who are 17 months apart, I know all about chaos and craziness and stubbornness and defiance. Your toddler will not shock me–do not worry about how they are acting. They are being placed in a somewhat odd situation and do not need to pick up on your stress.

*Sometimes ignoring toddlers during the photo session works wonders.

Instead of giving them more directions to follow, I may ignore them to photograph parents or other siblings. Or I may ignore parents and other siblings to watch toddlers do their own thing, and take photos of that.

*Candy anyone?

I don’t bring sweets like Skittles or M&Ms to photo sessions, and every once in a while I kick myself for not doing that. You are welcome to bring small treats. You are also welcome to bribe your toddler with promises of ice cream after a photo session — this is up to you.

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