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Colorado Engagement Photos | Paint Mines Interpretive Park

Colorado Engagement Photos

Paint Mines Interpretive Park

I had been dying to do a photo session at the Paint Mines Interpretive Park just east of Colorado Springs. Everything I had read and heard about to spot made it seem so fun, amazing, breath-taking, beautiful, magical, the works.

So I was more than pretty excited when my Colorado Springs wedding couple agreed to meet me there for their engagement photos. And I was even more excited when Evy got her hair and makeup done before our time together and agreed to wear a gorgeous dress. And then I get even more excited when Aaron came bearing a hat. I mean, does life get anymore exciting than beautiful scenery, fun clothes, and a camera?

I got to be a photo nerd for a couple hours as the couple willingly trekked around the rock formations, stopping to kiss, laugh, look at each other. Guys, I love my job!

And the Paint Mines did not disappoint. I was blown away by the shapes and colors of these odd formations that are east of the Front Range (how often does one head east for fun in Colorado?!).

Enjoy these Colorado engagement photos taken at the Paint Mines! 

All images © Susannah Allen 2019

Paint Mines Colorado engagement photos note: Interested in taken professional portraits at the Paint Mines? Scheduling engagement photos or other photography sessions does require a bit of prep work. A photography permit must be acquired through El Paso County Parks. Luckily, they are super friendly, helpful, and want to share their beautiful scenery with us! Although they do charge $100 for the permit…which helps keep the space less crowded while you are there. My standard procedure is to pass along permit fees to my clients.

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