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How to Prepare for Your Colorado Mountain Engagement Photos | Adventure E-Session

Colorado Mountain Engagement Photos

How to Prepare for an Adventure E-session

Back in September, I headed up past Nederland and the town of Eldora to the Fourth of July trailhead to take engagement photos. I spent a couple of hours hiking around with this couple, chatting about life, their wedding, travel, and adventures.

While they talked, I watched them move through the scenic land, watching the sun and shadow on their face, and requesting they stop for posing/portraits/direction when the background and lighting interested me most.

Basically, I got to be a photo nerd, hang out with wonderful people, and get some exercise to boot. Does it get any better?

Right now I am running an engagement photography contest. Entrants must read the rules and fill out a form on my website by 5 PM MT Thursday, January 16. Winners can witness me be a photo nerd, chat about fun stuff, and get a bit of exercise with me. Below are tips to help prepare the winners and any other couple who wants an adventurous mountain engagement session.

Enjoy these mountain engagement photos and tips on how to prepare for your own adventure e-session.

1. Wear layers.
It was downright chilly at the trailhead. I had on about 10 layers. It was cloudy and looked like it might even rain. But by the time we had been hiking for 20 minutes, it was much warmer–the mountain sun was beaming down on us.

If we are doing a winter mountain engagement photos–bring ALL THE LAYERS. Hats, gloves, scarves, coats, sweaters. And a backpack to tote them. (I help carry so that it isn’t in all the photos.)(Unless it is a glamorous, vintage backpack that would add to session’s appeal!) Consider wearing long john under jeans or dresses as needed.

2. Wear good shoes.
Safety first, then it’s up to you if comfort or fashion comes next. Or bring two pairs of shoes–we can throw one in the backpack. I would hate to get somewhere amazing and not get the final photos due to footwear!

3. Bring more gear than you think you’ll need.
In addition to packing skis or snowboards and helmets, bring water and snacks. Just in case. Plus, smiling and laughing makes people thirsty.

And ladies, even though we may be in the back country, don’t forget lipstick/lip gloss/hair brush. (That Colorado wind loves the mountains!) We are taking your mountain engagement photos–we can have fun and you can look good doing it!

4. Wear and bring sunscreen.
Because Colorado. And looking like a tomato in your mountain engagement photos isn’t necessarily ideal.

5. Over communicate.
We need an exact plan before the day of the session. This means where to meet, where to park, back up spots, weather contingencies. Many locations don’t have cell phone service and I don’t want to waste your time or my time!

6. Flexibility
This ties into communication. Going into these sessions…it may be frigid. Are you up for that? If not, then let’s brainstorm a safer spot…maybe a campfire and warm drink to help keep warm. But, I do hope you are up for anything and flexible to boot!

7. Safety.
If there are severe thunderstorms in the area, we are running for cover. Or rescheduling. If it is dumping snow with super icy driving conditions, we may reschedule (and you may just find me at Steamboat!). If there are big avalanche risks, I may suggest a safer spots. Safety first–I have kids and gotta’ take care of myself!

(All images © Susannah Allen 2019)

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