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Boulder Engagement Session

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Before I share this Boulder engagement session, I have to touch upon what has been happening over hear at Susannah Storch Photography. I’ve been doing all sorts of learning, and spent February working with the most amazing mentor. I can’t even find the words…too many superlatives will dumb down how it all went. But, I signed up last summer to learn from this incredible photographer. And I chose her mainly because she just came across as an incredible person. And she was. She reminded me of all these things I already knew and rekindled thoughts and feelings about photography that I haven’t felt since my old college days, when I tinkered for hours in the darkroom.

I am still absorbing the experience, but some concrete changes from the mentorship are… I am adding my family work back to this blog. Yes, wedding couples, I also photograph families! And, yes, moms and dads, I also photograph weddings! (And, yes, both of you, I also have a pet photography business!)

I am also going to **try** to only share who I really am on this site. This sounds so easy, but I often fall into the trap of sharing work that I think will help me get hired by people instead of just the work I love. And I will try to better to better express what kind of moments I like to capture so that my clients aren’t in for any surprises on their wedding day or at their family photo session!

And Now Back to Photography

And now back to this Boulder engagement session. I met up with Nicole and David at Chautauqua on a stormy spring evening in Boulder. We took some photos with the Flatirons in the background, and then headed over to the porch of the General Store to get out of the rain. After the weather calmed down a bit, we headed up Flagstaff to finish with portraits at the Sunrise Amphitheater. What I love most about these photos are Nicole’s smile.

Enjoy! And thanks for stopping by, always.

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