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The Best Family Photos in Lyons, Colorado

I Love Me Some Film Family Photos

I’ve looked forward to sharing these family photos from a Lyons, Colorado photo shoot for a while now. But I’ve also enjoyed looking forward to sharing them so much that I haven’t yet shared them. Does that make any sense?!

I met up with Cristy and Cass for an in home session in early April. And I photographed them and their kiddos with FILM ONLY. I loved every second of it.

Loading my medium format film into the camera. Licking the exposed rolls to make sure they stay shut. The sound the shutter makes. The sound of the film rewinding in the camera.

And that doesn’t even cover how much I enjoyed chatting with Cristy about life and kids and life. Or how their backyard chickens made me smile. Or how sweet and cute the kids were. Or the laughter between Cristy and Cass and I realized I posed them just like a 1990s prom portrait.

Keep reading/scrolling to see my favorite family photos ever. (Thanks to sweet, sweet film.)(And the FIND Lab.)

All images © Susannah Allen 2018

More Info/How to Book

Below the photos is where I’ve been sharing a bit of technical film info…just in case you are a film nerd like me! These were taken with my Canon Elan 35mm camera (from way back when in college!) and my Pentax 645N film camera. I only have a wide angle lens for the camera (and a super zoom lens too), and am so looking forward to purchasing a 75mm in the next several months.

I photographed these on a variety of film stocks including Kodak Portra 400. I also used expired film, which can be seen in the graininess (dreaminess?!) of some of the black and white portraits.

If you want to capture your own family photos in your home (with or without film), please visit my contact form, and be sure to share some dates/times that work for you and yours.

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