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Wedgewood at Boulder Creek Wedding | Kim and Mick

Boulder, Colorado Wedding

Kim and Mick had a lovely wedding at the Wedgewood at Boulder Creek a couple of summers ago.* I loved their wedding for many reasons–several are listed below. Scroll through to see for yourself!


          1. The bright florals. Holy smokes–gorgeous.

          2. The cranes! The couple had a thousand paper cranes to decorate the reception tent.

          3. The wedding couple themselves. Call me shallow, but I just think they are the cutest. But, more than that, I just get the best vibes from them. They radiate joy!

          4. Let’s revisit color. I love the bridal party colors as well…those dresses and then the neutral guys with the floral color pop.

          5. Emotion! So much emotion on their wedding day…really, it was the joy I was talking about earlier. And a few tears for beauty.


    1. In addition to Kim and Micke’s planning, the Wedgewood at Boulder Creek also did an amazing job. This wedding venue is located a few miles up the Boulder Canyon along the Boulder Creek. It has a bit of the relaxed outdoor mountain vibe and is quite scenic. The shady lawn is perfect for the wedding ceremony (and photos!). There is a small yard by the Boulder creek for more photos (it was flooded on Kim and Mick’s wedding day, so we didn’t get to take many photos there)(this especially happens in the spring/early summer thanks to snowmelt up high). The white reception tent is great and there is indoor space for dancing.
      *Kim and Mick’s wedding was shared on a wedding blog a couple years ago, but when I was updating my website last week, I couldn’t find a blog post about their day on my site…which seems so odd to me! So, I decided to share the images, especially since their wedding has so many ideas to offer engaged couples.See more of Kim and Mick’s Wedgewood at Boulder Creek wedding photos. See any ideas that you really love? Let us know in the comments! 

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