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See Photos From a Beautiful Colorado Farm Wedding Venue

Look at Lone Hawk Farm Wedding Inspiration

Lone Hawk Farm is one of my favorite Colorado wedding venues in the Longmont/Boulder/Lyons area. And Deb and Andrew’s June wedding is another testament to how lovely this outdoor farm wedding venue is for hosting weddings.

Deb and Andrew’s wedding seemed to be very much them…in fact, it oozed an authenticity that I don’t get to witness at every wedding I photograph.

The couple emphasized their wedding ceremony and tailored it completely to who they are and to their love. Loved ones gave speeches, and some even encouraged audience participation. There was laughter, there was tears. All of this created the loveliest ceremony I have witnessed to date. (Way to be yourselves and emphasize the important part of a wedding day Deb and Andrew!)

Additional ways they created a thoughtful, distinctive wedding include all the details. Deb dip-dyed her wedding dress an ombre yellow. So much fun and joy! The yellow in her dress also matched the sunflower motif. Deb crocheted or knitted (sorry, I can never keep them straight!) her sunflower bouquet, as well as the napkin holders for the wedding reception.

The couple served their guests tacos. Hello, tacos! The taco bar was catered by Greens Point Catering, who use all environmentally-friendly plates and utensils, which I appreciate. And their food is delicious.

The couple had guests contribute dessert…the one that made me smile the most was the water taffy from New Jersey, which is Deb’s home state. But the tastiest one must have been the flour-less chocolate cake, not that I inhaled a piece or anything.

I loved the Hora, which is the traditional Jewish wedding dance that involves the wedding couple being hoisted on chairs up in the air. All guests danced happily–there was nothing to do but smile and sway and feel joy.

I could keep talking about their wedding…but the bottom line is that I feel Lone Hawk Farm emphasizes the best parts of wedding days and makes them even better! And the beauty of the orchards, the chickens, the horses, the fields…helps to reduce any wedding day stress.

Keep reading/scrolling for Deb and Andrew’s wedding images from their Boulder area wedding venue, Lone Hawk Farm.

All images © Susannah Allen 2018

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