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You’ll Love These 3 Best Outdoor Wedding Venues in Boulder

Ceremony Sites: Outdoor Wedding Venues in Boulder, Colorado

I’ve been photographing weddings full-time for 7 years AND I planned my own Boulder, Colorado wedding 7 years ago. So I have some idea on wedding venues in Boulder, and have a few favorite wedding ceremony sites.

Keep reading/scrolling for my three favorite ceremony site wedding venues in Boulder. Be sure to check out the pros and cons for each site.

Sunrise Amphitheater, Flagstaff Mountain

The Sunrise Amphitheater is one of the most memorable and beautiful wedding venues in Boulder.

  • Fresh mountain air
  • Views of Boulder
  • The rustic chic rock seating
  • The pine trees (which smell so good when they are baking in the Colorado sun!)
  • Affordable to boot
  • Many great options for wedding couple/formal portraits nearby

Despite its many pros, there are some cons about this ceremony site.

  • It is hard to reserve for a summer weekend (it was over a year’s wait for an afternoon summer spot the last time I checked!).
  • There is no cell service up the mountain, so if any of your guests get lost, it would be hard to contact them with directions (make sure you provide excellent directions to your wedding guests!!!).
  • Harsher weather. That sun is bright! And on colder days, it can be even cooler, windier up Flagstaff. Plus, afternoon thunderstorms.

(Check out this wedding blog post for more photos of a Sunrise Amphitheater wedding ceremony.)

All images © Susannah Allen 2016-17

Chautauqua Lawn

The Chautauqua Lawn is another one of my favorite wedding venues in Boulder…and it isn’t just because I got married there!

  • Best views of the Flatirons
  • Green lawn and green trees
  • Easy for guests to find
  • So many photo options here too, including nice shady trees
  • Also affordable

Despite its many pros, there are some cons about this ceremony site.

  • Hard to find parking and even more challenging with the new parking rules. Be sure to figure out the best way to take care of your guests from either the City of Boulder or the staff at Chautauqua when you are planning your wedding.
  • Cap on the number of guests.
  • Cars park around the lawn–I do my best to avoid them in photos, but they are they.
  • Lots of city rules to navigate. Luckily the planners for the Chautauqua Dining Hall are pretty versed in the rules and can help you navigate the bureaucracy.

(Check out this wedding blog post for more photos of a Chautauqua Lawn wedding.)

All images © Susannah Allen 2016-17

Lone Hawk Farm

Okay, so Lone Hawk Farm isn’t in Boulder proper–it is technically Longmont, although it is west of Longmont and north of Boulder in beautiful rolling hills of farm land. But the ceremony site is gorgeous–it is surrounded by a cute stick fence and trees. An arbor sits to the west of the site and a gazebo is on the east. This wedding venue should definitely be on your list to check out!

  • So much green
  • Gorgeous views on the farm
  • Lots of parking

Despite its many pros, there are some cons about this ceremony site.

  • Wedding couple should stand in front of the gazebo to ensure even lighting on both.

(Check out this wedding blog post for more photos of a Lone Hawk Farm wedding.)

All images © Susannah Allen 2011-2017

If you are interested in these wedding venues in Boulder, check out Sunrise Amphitheater information on the City of Boulder’s website. Check out Chautuauqua Lawn info on their website as well.


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