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Two Toddler Film Portraits

Yes to Film Photography

I am so excited to share more film portraits and film photography on my blog.

Yes, I am re-learning film. Photographing with it is completely different. Getting the right timing is challenging. And, compared to digital, I hardly push down on the shutter. I want my image to matter more since there is a direct cost associated with it.

Today I am sharing a couple toddler film portraits of my son. These images were taken in 2016, so it was a nice surprise to finally see them.


Both images © Susannah Allen 2016

The first image was taken using Kodak Portra 400 film stock, and the second with Fuji Pro 160S film stock. I love the feel and clarity of these film stocks compared to the expired 35mm images shared in the previous blog post, but the colors aren’t quite as fun to me…which is totally fine and makes sense!

Both images were most likely taken with my Pentax medium format camera. (I have two other 120mm film cameras that are possible options, but my guess is the Pentax.)

I love this analog push I am doing so much! Besides film photography, I have been completing one drawing a week for the past few weeks. I haven’t sat down with pastels or pencils in years! It makes my brain hurt, but it is so nice to work on focus and attention and to think different thoughts.

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