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Film Wedding Photography {Boulder, Colorado}

Chautauqua and Flagstaff Mountain

Colorado Wedding Photography

To push myself creatively, I have been tinkering with old film cameras again. I was given a Fisher Price 110 film camera as a gift when I was a very young girl. Does anyone else remember those? It had these flash towers (?!) that were only good for a few flashes and every time the flash popped, it left a distinct burning odor. It’s hard to believe that was only 30 or so years ago!

After that, I had various cameras and when I got to college, I was an arts major with a focus in photography. All of that was film and darkroom, and I remember my teacher saying clear as day that, “digital will never surpass film.” Over the years I have laughed and scoffed at the comment, but in some ways he is right. Medium format and large format negatives can still print bigger/clearer than digital (although hardly anyone would notice). But really, there is a beauty and nostalgia an art behind film that I don’t quite get out of digital.

This summer I’ve been tinkering with a Pentax 645N, a Seagull twin-lens reflex, my old Canon Elan 7e, and a tiny tiny tiny bit with a Hasselblad. I am in no means proficient with any of these, but it sure is fun to practice on my two sons. I’ve become hyper aware of waiting for just the right moment to press on that shutter since every frame has a clear cost associate with it! And I’ve enjoyed taking a couple of photos at the weddings and engagement sessions I’ve had.

That was a lot of words to share with you just two images that were taken with the Pentax 645N. I haven’t touched them up with any photo editing software…that’s a whole other conversation that is unresolved in my head!

All images © Susannah Allen 2016

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