a bride and groom hold hands during their wedding ceremony with longs peak in the background


Lyons, Colorado Wedding at Private Residence

Fall Wedding Photography in Lyons, Colorado

Homegrown Wedding at a Private Residence in the Mountains Outside Lyons

I love homegrown weddings.

They bring me back to what I love most about weddings: bringing loved ones together to celebrate the love between two people (and sending the couple off into the world with even more love).

When I photograph a wedding at a private residence, I notice the level of detail that the couple, family, and friends have put into the wedding day. Signs, games, food, seating, table centerpieces…while every wedding includes some level of detail, when an event is held at an official wedding venue, it is sometimes hard to separate what the venue and other vendors have done versus what the wedding couple and their loved ones have worked extra hard on putting together. At a homegrown wedding, the magnitude of the thought and love behind the details is amplified, if that makes any sense. And it just adds to the love-fest!

So when I hear that a couple are hosting an event at a private residence, I get pretty excited, and this wedding between Alice and Ian was no different. They got married at her parent’s home in the mountains outside of Lyons, Colorado on a hot fall day. I was so impressed with how they transformed the garage into a reception room, the beauty of the ceremony and first look sites (overlooking Longs Peak and the city of Lyons), and the excitement and joy of all those in attendance.

As always, enjoy.

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