Summertime 2016

A new summer is here! And, my, it is in full swing, with the Fourth of July just a couple of days away. I came across several internet articles about families being intentional about their summer freedom to maximize the fun, and although I am not sure if my family has quite accomplished this, there are several themes that I’ve been enjoying besides work.

  1. Film photography. I’ve been practicing on my sons and I cannot wait to see the results. I treated myself to two used medium format cameras. One was my dream camera–a Hasselblad. On my first day of ownership, one of my children knocked it off the counter, and it has been out of commission. The other is a Pentax 645 and I’ve used it to capture the kiddos and several wedding couples. I will be sharing images here!
  2. Making ice cream. Even though I worked at a Ben&Jerry’s for years, my absolute favorite vanilla is by Haagen-Dazs. It is worth every single delicious calorie that enters my body. I am determined to make my own home-made version. I’ve done a few batches and haven’t quite found the ideal recipe.
  3. Savor, by Ilona Oppenheim. This is a beautiful cookbook by a graphic designer who lives near Aspen. I am just a little jealous of her mountain life, and was inspired to make the plunge into also trying to make yogurt and mozzarella cheese (yum, dairy). I’m not sure where I will find all of this time, but I will.
  4. Our projector. A birthday present from my husband, I envisioned watching movies under the stars with him and the boys. And then I realized the boys go to sleep before it gets dark. So my hubby and I will have to watch movies alone under the stars.
  5. Aspen Moon Farm CSA. It’s been a while since I’ve participated in a CSA and I’ve been enjoying and stressing a little bit about using up all the good local veggies. Last night I cooked pork tenderloin with a fruity fennel sauce, a roasted beet salad, and sauteed rainbow chard. Yum.
  6. Longmont Bike Night. Our Wednesday night family bike ride.
  7. Trail running. Yay, how I love running on all of Boulder’s trails. Thank goodness for my friend Sarah and having one evening a week to get out there and sweat while looking over my shoulder for bears and mountain lions.
  8. Camping and/or rafting with the kids. We took our little guy on his very first camping trip, and our older son on his second off the Peak to Peak at Gordon’s Gulch. The kids did so well, that I am hopeful our mellow rafting/camping trip to Ruby Horsethief later in the summer will go well too.

In the next few weeks I plan to share more of my family and children’s photography with you.

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