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Colorado Wedding Portraits at Private Residence {Lyons, CO}

Colorado Wedding Portraits in Lyons, Colorado

Wedding Photojournalism Versus Wedding Portraits

Below are the first look, wedding couple, and bridal party portraits from Alice and Ian’s wedding day (the rest of their wedding story will be shared in a post in the near future).

I love photojournalism, which I consider to be capturing moments as they happen to tell the story of the wedding day. To me, this means being a neutral observer during the wedding day, and simply photographing what I see.

Portrait time is not so photojournalistic–I am interacting with the wedding couple and the bridal party to capture great portraits. I think it is important to have a bit of a break away from photojournalism to take these portraits, especially because even though most of my clients swear by photojournalism, I have noticed that when it comes to sharing and printing wedding images, they always gravitate towards the portraits.

During wedding portraits (and bridal party portraits and family portraits), I help my wedding couples and bridal parties feel at ease which then helps to create genuine moments between everyone so that on some level I am still capturing true, authentic moments. I am just helping to orchestrate them a bit!

(By the way, the first look is great–it offers both photojournalism and then some of the more orchestrated portrait moments.)

I’ve always love Alice and Ian’s Colorado wedding portraits because there is so much light and laughter and happiness in them. I may have helped a tiny bit to get them to share this with me and the camera, but Alice just bubbled over with happiness on her wedding day, and it showed. Ian too was over the moon. And I just love the images of Alice and her sister–the giggling makes me miss my own little sister.

As always, enjoy.

All images © Susannah Allen 2016

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