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Yes, I Really Love the Challenge of Senior Photos

Longmont and Boulder Colorado Senior Pictures

I’ve said my summer farewells: good bye to 2018 rafting trips, Thursday nights at Niwot’s Rock & Rolls, Phish Dicks. And I’ve said hello to a glorious milestone: both boys are in school from 8:30-3:00 almost every day!!! And when a new school year starts, I begin to get asked one question over and over again: Susannah, do you do senior pictures?

My answer: Why, yes, I do take senior pictures! I love senior girls photo sessions…most girls love to be photographed, which means my job is super easy and fun!

And then there are senior boys…I’m not going to lie. Senior guys photo sessions are a bit more challenging…they may not always love being photographed quite as much as the ladies…but they push me more, and I totally appreciate that. I work harder to be friendly and make them comfortable.

I often use photography gear (like flashes or film) that I may not whip out for a family photography session or on a wedding day. (I will do this during senior pictures with ladies too.) So senior pictures make me grow as a photographer, and what is not to love about that?

Keep scrolling below for senior picture images that I have taken.

All images © Susannah Allen

Additional Information on Senior Portrait Photography

If you are interested in seeing additional senior pictures, check out this blog page.

If you are interested in booking a senior photography session, know that the rates are the same a family session (and if you sign up for my non-spammy e-newsletter you can save $100!). To book, just fill out my contact form and please mention a few days/times that work for you/your senior.


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