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What to Expect and Helpful Tips for Your Senior Photos

Longmont and Boulder Colorado Senior Portrait Photography

I wanted to follow my last blog post up with more useful information for you. In that post, I shared senior photos that I’ve taken over the years.

In this post, I will share what to expect during a high school senior photography session as well as some tips to make it go smoothly.

Keep reading for senior photos tips, as well as what to expect.

What to Expect During Your Senior Photography Session

Planning for the Photography Session

    • Before we get together, we need to figure out a location. Consider what sort of location best sums up who you are: urban, natural, industrial, mountains, water. Let me know, and we can figure out a great spot!
    • We can also hit up two spots that are close to each other if we have enough daylight.
    • I am always going to suggest an evening time, within an hour of sunset. If you are a real go getter, we can talk about an early morning sunrise session as well.
    • Figure out an outfit (or 2) that you will wear. Some of my senior clients only have one outfit, and that is 100% fine. But, I suggest a dressier outfit and a more casual outfit. Layers and accessories are always nice and help give a finished look.
    • If we are having an evening session, you may be happier if you eat a snack (or dinner) beforehand. Just sayin’.
  • It is helpful for you to send your yearbook picture specs to me before our shoot–that way I have an idea if they want head shots, waist up shots, etc.
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Image © Susannah Allen

Additional Items to Bring Along For Your Senior Photos

    • I always tell my clients to bring water to photography shoots. Smiling can make your mouth dry, so bringing it along is a good thing. And I am happy to tote it around for you!
    • Ladies, if you wear lip gloss or lip stick, I suggest bringing some with you.
  • Another one for the ladies: if you are wearing your hair down, it wouldn’t hurt to bring a hair tie along, just in case it is crazy windy out (which is not uncommon in Colorado!). But please don’t stick it on your wrist during the photography session–trust me, you don’t want the black hair tie bracelet in your senior photos!!!

Image © Susannah Allen

During Our Session

  • I try to keep things light and easy. I may tell a few jokes. They’re usually pretty awful.
  • I’ll probably be wearing sneakers and clothes that I can get a little dirty (crouch in tall grasses, tromp through mud). I don’t always dress like that, but I am a mom to two little boys, so I probably do more often than I care to admit.
  • Sessions usually last about an hour. I don’t look at my watch and time it or anything. I do try to read your energy and use that as my guide.
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Image © Susannah Allen

Thoughts on Parents

    • Parents may like to tag along on your photography session. I just want for you to be okay with what they do. Many parents come along, but hang out in the car or give us space for photography. I am easy. Again, I want you to be okay with what they do!
    • If a parent is present, they can be helpful carrying water, hair ties, extra clothes, or even assist by holding some of my photography gear, like reflectors and flashes.
    • A watchful parent can pick up on strange outfit wrinkles, collars, etc. I do my best to notice these things, but sometimes I am paying too much attention to the light, posing, camera settings…and I could miss something.
  • By all means, parents don’t always come. I’ve photographed plenty of senior sessions sans mom or dad.
two images of senior portrait photos: girl in front of barn and girl in a canoe

Image © Susannah Allen

Booking Information

    • Senior photos cost $600 and include edited digital files.
    • If you sign up for my mailing list (scroll down to the footer on any web page), you can save $100 off the session rate.
    • I am happy to prep a couple files for your yearbook if you give me enough notice!
  • If you need senior portraits and do not have the financial means to pay for them, feel free to reach out with a bit more info. If I can help in some way, I am open to trying to figure something out!
  • The next step would be to fill out my contact form. Adding some dates and times that work for you helps us all save time!

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