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Family Photography

Boulder Colorado Family Portrait at East Boulder Trailhead

Where to take a Boulder Colorado Family Photos?

One of the best things about being a photographer in Colorado is the abundance of awesome scenery to choose from as a backdrop. Sometimes my clients pick the location (which I love!) and other times I help them choose the spot (which is fine too). I suggest holding photo sessions in meaningful locations such as your own home or yard, a park that the kids particularly enjoy, or a hiking trail that you frequent.

East Boulder Trailhead Family Photo Session

For this fall family session, Caroline had suggested the taking her family portrait East Boulder Trailhead, one of the few trails in Boulder that I have never ran or hiked. So cool to check out a new spot. Plus, Caroline is a photographer (check out her website here), and knew exactly where to go, which made my job super easy.

The greatest part about this session was getting some photographs of Caroline WITH her family. Like many pro photographers, she finds herself absent in many of the family photos, since she is the one always taking them. I love that I could provide portraits of the entire (good looking) family.

Enjoy and leave a comment with some of your favorite local photography backdrops.

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