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What to Expect During an Outdoor Children’s Photography Session

Broomfield Sisters Steal the Show at a Local Park

Last fall, I headed to a local park to photograph these sweet sisters.

Before I launch into full blog post mode, I just want to praise their mama with the outfit selection. I love how Big Sister’s scarf matches Little Sister’s coat. I also love that the accessories match, yet the girls aren’t too matchy-matchy. Great job mama!

Some of my clients want to be in photos with their kiddos, and some prefer to let their children shine. I like both ways, but it was sure fun to take portraits of just the sisters during this outdoor children’s photography session. (Especially since I am blessed with two boys, so switching it up is always fun!)

Below the photos, I talk about what you can expect during an indoor OR outdoor children’s photography session.

Scroll down to look at photos from this Outdoor Children’s Photography Session as well as info on what to expect.

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What to Expect at the Session

  1. Your kids are going to behave how they want and that is OKAY! If they are shy, I try to give them space and be a little quiet. Then I will try to goof off a bit with them. If they are loud and energetic, I’ll harness that. Let’s let them set the pace so it is more fun for them.
  2. We’ll play some games based on their energy levels and buy-in. These sisters were full of energy and the younger sister just wanted to run. So I had the girls run to each other and hug. Then I had them run around a brick island at the park. And then I had them run super fast to mama. You get the idea.
  3. Once kids calm down a bit (and that is okay if it never happens)(ahem, I may be referring to my own boys!), I’ll focus on seated poses and individual portraits. I try to play slower games here, like telephone or whispering or Simon Says.
  4. I capture a variety of backgrounds and try to get close-ups as well as environmental shots. While I love the cute close-ups of these girls, I also love the photo of them standing on the little garden wall with Big Sister facing away from camera.
  5. Once again, I really to read their energy and go with the flow. This helps capture who they are, versus stiff/static poses that don’t capture their little (or should I saw big?!) personalities.
  6. If your child isn’t listening, try to be laid back and calm! It really helps me get better photos when there isn’t a power struggle with Mama or Dada. Fun is the name of the game!


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