Reflections on 2013 and Weddings

Hello Everyone! Yes, I am still out here. I’ve been busy getting to know wedding couples, photographing family sessions, working on a new pet website, revamping my main website. So even though I haven’t posted as much as I would like, I am still out here, working away! The last few weeks have included a lot of camera fun.

Meanwhile, on a personal level, 2013 has been a particularly tough year for my family, and for several of my good friends. I have been reminded how fragile “normal” life is. I have been reminded that all we really have is the love of our families and friends, and I am so lucky to have an abundance of it. When all is going well in life (it is truly amazing how often life treats us so gently and kindly), it is easy to dismiss how many people love us. So I guess I am a bit lucky to see and appreciate it more.

I think this is what I love about photographing weddings so much. Of course, weddings are a celebration of the love and commitment between to a couple, but they are also a celebration of the love and support that family and friends have for the wedding couple. To see a room full of people who don’t necessarily know each other all that well hold hands and dance in a circle around the newlyweds…to watch an aunt holding an iPhone in front of the cake cutting so a grandma in a hospital bed in another state could be there…to hear a visibly nervous young nephew sing a song to the wedding couple and then to see his smile of relief as he hugs the couple when the song is over…to watch a mom try to control a mediocre-behaved dog during her daughter’s wedding ceremony even though she would much prefer to listen without the hassle…these are just a few quick examples of the small moments of love I get to see and photograph at weddings.

Phew! Now that I have that covered, I do want to send a shout out to our animals. In addition to having the love of family and friends, I am so appreciative of my Chloe girl and two cats. Having Harry sit on my chest and purr away is one of the best stress reliefs out there (if anyone wants to borrow him…). Entering a room and seeing only Pippa’s tale sticking out from a piece of furniture always brings a smile to my face. And there is nothing better out there than seeing the joy and delight run through Chloe’s body as she frolics in an yard of freshly fallen snow. I love them.

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