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Pearl Street Boulder Family Portraits

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Pearl Street Boulder Family Portraits

Pearl Street

Last fall I met up with one of my favorite mamas and her two sons to take Pearl Street Boulder Family Portraits as they strolled together along Boulder’s iconic street.(The west-end of Pearl Street is a nice spot for a portrait session because of the many large trees, the funky buildings, the brick…plus Spruce Confections Bakery is a great spot to meet up with clients or else wind down after a photo session…while enjoying their chocolate croissants!) The mom wanted a slightly urban location instead of one of the areas tried and true scenic parks. (I love love this–while I can appreciate a mountain backdrop, I also appreciate the corners, colors,and architecture of he more urban setting.)(And how “urban” is Boulder, Colorado?! That makes me giggle–NYC it is not!)

Keeping it Casual

Cities are great backdrops for photo sessions. Walking around an “urban” area is a great way to help keep a photography session casual and easy. I get to photograph families walking together and moving around (I love motion in photographs!). (And I have definitely learned that movement helps people feel less awkward in family photos!). We stop at places with good lighting or that provide some sort of visual interest to get some loosely posed family portraits. You’ll see a mixture of this in the photos below.

As always, thanks to this lovely family. I so enjoy seeing you every fall!

All images © Susannah Allen 2016

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