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You’ll Love This Sweet Nederland Colorado Photography

Colorado Photography : In Home Family Session From Nederland

Hello People!

Sometimes I like to “sit” on a family photography session or a wedding. Having images that I love that I haven’t yet shared feels like the best secret. This is one of those sessions.

(Another reason that I don’t share images right away is that I try to create helpful content, and just putting up a bunch of images in a blog post isn’t always super helpful. So I try to mix things up around here at Susannah Storch Photography!)

Okay, but back to this Nederland, Colorado photography session. My friends (and clients–I photographed their wedding, newborn baby, their pets…and on and on) took advantage of the in home family photography special that I offered a couple months ago. It was so fun to head up into the mountains outside of Boulder and spend some time with them and several cameras.

And now, let me just rave about in home photography sessions. Some people cringe at the idea of having a photography session take place in their home…I get it, you think your home isn’t Pinterest-worthy, that it is too messy, that it is too small, that it is too dark…but your home is one of the most important parts of your story! Holding a photo session at your home is super easy to plan and wonderfully personal and meaningful for generations to come! Plus, the window light is interesting and amazing and inspirational. (I had to add that.)

(Check out this blog post that has tips on how to prepare your home for an in home photography session.)

So go ahead and enjoy this lovely Colorado photography. (And keep reading after the images for technical photography info if that is your cup of tea.)

Nederland Colorado Family Photos

All images © Susannah Allen 2018

If you’re still with me, I just wanted to quickly talk about the photos. Some are digital (taken with a Canon 5D Mark III) and some are film (taken with a Pentax 645N, a Holga, or a Canon Elan 7). The double exposures are all taken with the film cameras–I just underexpose each frame about a stop and snap away. If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to email me or leave a response in the comments below.

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