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This summer, I’ve been tinkering with my film cameras. My current favorite is my Pentax 645N, which is a medium format camera, meaning the negatives are bigger than the standard 35mm negatives that most people are familiar with (if you could say that anyone is familiar with film in this day and age!). I’ve also enjoyed my Seagull twin-lens reflex for the space that it captures in images.

Luckily for me I have two very active boys, and practicing capturing film photography on them is a challenge and a reward. Choosing when to press the shutter button requires much more attention than digital film–I want to make sure my exposure is correct, their eyes are open, the composition is interesting…this is costing me money!

Right now I have been bringing my medium format camera to family photo sessions to take a few frames of film (if the mood is right for it) as additional practice. Eventually I would like to charge for this service, but for now, it is sometimes included in family sessions. Clear as mud, right?!

Below are a couple of film scans of my boys in action…these were taken with my old 35mm film camera on expired film. I love the one of the hands.

All images © Susannah Allen 2016

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