Local Business Spotlight: Little Herbal Apothecary

An Apothecary in Lafayette, Colorado

Owner Faith Answers Questions and Gives Tips

One thing that I love about owning a business is chatting with other business owners. Especially when that business serves up health or beauty help with a natural twist. So I was really excited to visit the Little Herbal Apothecary in Lafayette, CO a few months ago.

I stumbled upon the Little Herbal Apothecary through the Boulder-based Joy Collective, a group of the best family practitioners focusing on fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, family care + wellness. I am an affiliate member in the photography category. I joined because ever since my dad did a cleanse when I was 10 or 11, I’ve been intrigued by wellness and health and non-mainstream health support. This group seemed like a great mix of my offerings and my interests.

I am so glad I did stumble across the store–visiting the shop was relaxing and wonderful and gave me that “all will be okay in the world” feeling. (Hamilton the musical gives me that same feeling, just fyi.)

Faith Rodgers, the owner and all around inspirational lady, was kind enough to answer some questions about her business and products. This blog post is a mixture of my rambles and Faith answering questions. Keep scrolling for some recipes on how to relax regardless of wedding planning or parenting stress.


About the Little Herbal Apothecary

When asked about her business, Faith explains that the Little Herbal Apothecary is a community herb shop in Lafayette. “We offer a wide variety of organic bulk herbs, essential oils, tinctures, teas, smudges and gifts. We also make our very own line of botanically-inspired skincare products including many that are for pregnant mamas & babies. Our products are handcrafted in small batches right here in Lafayette using only the finest quality, organic ingredients.”

Faith and her team also offer workshops throughout the year on topics like Organic Skincare, Family Herbalism, Women’s Health, and Plant Identification. They host Spa Parties, as well as Make & Take Nights on the first Friday of every month– you get to come in and make a completely customized skincare product to take home with you.

Ahem, doesn’t this sound like a fun bachelorette event? Or a great “mom’s night out” evening? Or the perfect gift to give a new mom? Or maybe the perfect gift for your favorite photographer?!

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Faith responds, “I am a certified herbalist, mom of 3 and lover of board games and books. Originally from Illinois, I moved to Colorado 15 years ago to be close to the mountains and fell in love with it. And also fell in love with my husband who is a native 🙂 I absolutely love creating natural skincare products, coming up with new and fun recipes and teaching others how to do the same.”



I am so intrigued with the power of food and herbs…for me I see a drastic difference in my skin and my energy when I eat tons of veggies and no dairy. So I asked Faith if there are any recipes that would help…

A stressed out bride-to-be relax? “Passionflower, kava, skullcap,” is her response. 

A mama with morning sickness?  “Ginger, peppermint, chamomile.”

A stressed mom who has multiple kiddos relax? “Milky oats, ashwaganda, motherwort.”


In addition to herbs and teas, the Little Herbal Apothecary sells smudges, crystals, tee-shirts, and beauty products. One of Faith’s favorite products is the Rose & Carrot Face Cream. She says it is a “deeply nourishing face cream for dry Colorado skin…(it) promotes cell regeneration and improves skin tone and elasticity.”

She also loves the Super Salve, saying, “This one is a lifesaver…for dry, cracked hands, chapped cheeks and super chapped lips. A must have in the winter in Colorado.” (And let me tell you, as I grow older, these products sound better and better to me.)

Ever since I learned about adaptogens a couple years ago, I have been intrigued with them. It seems like they could pretty much cure my whole being, so I asked Faith about them.

What can you tell us about adaptogens?

Faith replies, “Adaptogens help the body ‘adapt’ to stress. It can be stress from many different things (work, kids, lack of sleep, sickness, etc). They essentially work to bring the body back into balance. There are some, like Ashwaganda, that can be taken in the morning to give you a boost of energy as well as in the evening to help you sleep. It’s pretty cool how, once the herb is in your body, it knows what you need. They can be very supportive to new mothers in particular.”

“One of our best selling teas is the Adaptogen Chai (with Ashwaganda & Chaga). It is a delicious way to get your adaptogens in!” I can vouch for this–I enjoyed drinking it every morning for several weeks.


Any beauty tips or products that will help reduce pimples before a wedding or that will help hormonal pregnancy skin?

“Lavender essential oil applied neat (undiluted) to a pimple is a useful remedy for drying things up and speeding the healing process.

The Nourish Facial Serum (for oily skin & breakouts) would also be great for either scenarios.”



What about mamas who are losing all that hair postpartum?

“That’s just a natural part of the postpartum time period and it will pass. But we do make a lovely Hair Tonic that is wonderful for conditioning the hair, promoting hair growth and adding volume & shine!”

Many thanks to Faith for answering these questions and sharing her business with us! If you are getting married or a mama, Faith definitely has products that can help make your life easier and happier. To learn more about the Little Herbal Apothecary, visit their website. Or forget computer screens and phone screens–just head to the shop in downtown Lafayette, Colorado. It is located at 100 E Cleveland St, Lafayette, CO and it is closed on Mondays.

To learn about another local business (this time in Longmont, CO), check out my blog post about A Florae. Rachel is a wedding florist who also sells cool gifts in her Main Street shop.


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  1. Kara says:

    I’ll have to check this place out – especially that Super Salve. Great photos – makes me want to shop there 🙂

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    I love apothecary stores! I want to check this out. Lovely photos 🙂

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    Ooooh I love these tips! I’ll have to check out the shop sometime!

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    I didn’t even know an awesome place like this existed!I am now changing my plans to stop by this weekend. Really neat!

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    I’m gonna have to check this place out!!

    • admin says:

      Tell Faith I sent you! You totally should. It is so fun. And there is a great home goods/clothing/gift store around the corner…maybe it is called Tri?

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