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How To Rock Your Sweet Maternity Photography Session

Denver Maternity Photography – And Beyond!

Maternity photography sessions are one of the hardest photography session types for me–how to get sweet images of that baby bump without Dad making it look like some sort of fixed basketball? I spent a bit more time brainstorming on how I wanted to approach this Denver maternity photography session…and I am happy with the results.

I loved spending time with this couple (I also photographed their engagement and their wedding, so it is so fun for me to check in and see how life is treating them!)…but let me tell you…they always say that they hate being photographed. So how did they do such a great job rockin’ these sweet maternity photos?

Keep reading for tips to set your own maternity session up for success.

Maternity Photography Session – When/What Trimester to Schedule

I recommend scheduling maternity photography sessions during months 7 or 8 of your pregnancy…typically first time mamas can wait to month 8, while second time mamas (and beyond) may want to schedule during month 7.

There are a couple reasons for this…One is that month 9 is less comfortable–during 7 or 8, you usually still have some pep in your step! And your belly can get so big in those final weeks–many women prefer to photograph a slightly smaller stomach.

But, of course all mamas/baby belly’s are different…I had one first time mama schedule super close to the end because her bump was so tiny! I was skeptical, but she was totally right to wait.

 © Susannah Allen 2018

Maternity Photography Session – What to Wear

I could tell you to wear what you are most comfortable in, but I am no longer that photographer. I think you should wear a dress, mainly because I love how they look in photographs and how they accent that baby belly (especially when cinched above the start of your stomach). I also think a tank top and skirt can look great for baby photos.

If you want a more unique session…outfit suggestions definitely vary. Husband’s shirt, a soft robe, something that shows off your “naked” belly…

And while I am at it, I think you should probably wear your hair down…there is nothing like a little Colorado mountain breeze gently blowing your dress and hair around. (Not requesting violent wind gusts here!)

© Susannah Allen 2018

Maternity Photography Session – Location Ideas

So many options on where to hold your maternity photo session. The bottom line is that you should choose a location that is beautiful or is meaningful to you.

I love, love, love in home sessions. I think they are so meaningful, as well as relaxing and easy and revealing and perfect. It’s the light, the personality. And, if you want uncovered belly shots, you may feel more comfortable at home. And you can get a couple photos of that baby nursery. And your partner can participate and disappear. And if you have other kiddos–so easy to snuggle up on a bed to that little soon-to-be sibling.

Or you can head to an outdoorsy Colorado spot. These images were actually taken in Golden, just outside of Denver. We chose this spot because of mountains, river, and old buildings. Colorado has so many great outdoor photo session spots…both more rural than this or way may urban!

© Susannah Allen 2018

Maternity Photography Session – Please Be Kind to Yourself

I’ve got to be honest–there wasn’t much I loved about being pregnant, other than knowing I was going to meet my child at the end of it…and guilt-free ice cream and naps.

Although I didn’t love all the extra weight, I also didn’t completely mind it…my body was doing this most amazing thing.

But please keep in mind that if you want a maternity session, you will be documenting the baby belly and any extra weight. Please be kind to yourself. Your body truly is doing this incredible, amazing, miraculous task. I hope when you look at photos of your pregnant self, you can celebrate that and not criticize any body changes. You are beautiful and amazing and strong.

© Susannah Allen 2018

Maternity Photography Session – Pamper Yourself

Why not find some time before your photo session to get a massage, a pedicure, a blow-out, a make-up application? Pregnancy is not easy–any excuse to pamper yourself, I say take it.

© Susannah Allen 2018

Maternity Photography Session – Consider Your End Goal

To get the most out of your maternity photo session, it makes sense to consider your end goals.

Do you want images to add to a baby book?
Do you want a small framed prints for your bedroom?
Are you imaging big wall art?

I have a tendency to turn over many vertical portraits…I can often capture more of what I want in a scene this way. But if you told me you wanted big landscapes behind you and your bump, I’d photograph more landscape-oriented images. So it is helpful to share those thoughts!

© Susannah Allen 2018

More Denver Maternity Photography Images

All images © Susannah Allen 2018

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