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Sure-fire Easy and Fun Family Portraits in Longmont

Easy Family Portraits in Longmont, Colorado

I (pretty) recently met up with another one of my favorite mom and sons to take family portraits in Longmont.

This is one of my repeat clients who I enjoy catching up with every year. Of course, I enjoy seeing her sons grow. In the beginning, they were cute little toddlers/young boys…then they had a super goofy stage…for the last two years they have answered all of my questions politely, giggled, and been super great at listening.

And since I have two young boys, I like to see what I have to look forward to. Yes, I know all kids are different, but I think these universal traits usually happen…with boys…with brothers pretty close in age.

As her boys have grown older, we have plotted out different locations for their yearly photo shoot. We’ve done parks with old equipment, Wonderland Lake, other hiking spots…and, as they’ve grown, we have added more urban areas into the mix, like Pearl Street in Boulder. This year we checked out old industrial/farm spots near Downtown Longmont. Yes, that’s right, for their family portraits in Longmont, we checked out parking lots, closed businesses, an old sugar beet mill, and some sort of other tin farm-looking building near the railroad tracks.

Keep scrolling for the latest batch of family portraits in Longmont!

All images © Susannah Allen 2018

As a family portrait photographer, does it get any better than a bright orange Volkswagen van and two well-behaved boys who will sit near it? (Okay, maybe if we had the keys to the VW bus to photograph the boys and mom hanging out in it!)

All images © Susannah Allen 2018

More fun family portraits in Longmont…with a brightly-colored vehicle. These were taken in the parking lot of Cheese Importers.

Image © Susannah Allen 2018

In that same vicinity, we stumbled on some old shipping containers that had a bit of graffiti on them. I thought they made a fun background. They weren’t too busy so as to totally detract from the faces of the family.

Image © Susannah Allen 2018

This cool textured wood wall is the exterior of a business that looks like it has closed down. I love, love this wall. Can I always have it as a backdrop please?!

And then a nearby rock-ish wall…

Image © Susannah Allen 2018

After that we headed towards what I think is an abandoned sugar beet factory (and not the big one that is totally off-limits in town, and that I would seriously never ever hold a photo session there). We got a few fun photos there, but it felt a little too sketchy for my comfort…

Image © Susannah Allen 2018

And then it was to another old-looking building. I have no idea what it was built for or what it hosts now, but I loved the photos ops! We goofed off here for a while…

Image © Susannah Allen 2018

Another side of the old buildings…it was fun to hang out here and listen to the boys talk about how amazing they’re mama is, to be silly brothers together, and to let me play with film.

It was fun to walk between a variety of backdrops (and then drive to another close location)…this sort of exploration photo session makes it easier to relax/pose and creates so many options. I also like how we lingered in the final spot. By this time, the family appeared very natural, and I got to walk around taking photos of the boys just sitting and chatting. I always love natural, un-posed photos.

These are the images I took during last year’s photo session at Thompson Park.

And, yes, several of these images were taken with film…can you guess which ones?!

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  1. Donna says:

    I love seeing different locations for sessions. On of my favorite photos of my daughter was taken in a deserted urban area in my husbands home town. Awesome pics. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Anna D Bruce says:

    Aww these are great! I love the color coordination going on here. Those boys are adorable!

  3. Absolutely beautiful! I love all of the mustard, gray, and muted green tones in these images. You did a wonderful job of capturing beautiful genuine smiles.

  4. Kaleigh says:

    What an awesome session! I LOVE the bus!!

  5. Monica says:

    Your film work is amazing! Great job!
    I love these family shots, they are beautiful and totally precious!
    Awesome location too!

  6. Kate Davis says:

    I love this session and the colors in all of these are to die for! Amazing job!

  7. Oh my goodness, I am a mom of two boys and I would absolutely treasure images like these! I love the pops of color and cool urban textures and scenery. Boy moms are very special! Lovely job Susannah!

  8. Savannah says:

    What fun family portraits! Those boys are just TOO CUTE (I *may* have a soft spot for adorable boys <3 <3 )

  9. Lauren says:

    These are so stinkin cute, those boys are adorable! I love the colors and scenery!

  10. Sunshine Lump says:

    What a fun session! And I love the location!

  11. Great family photos! I absolutely love the pops of orange and all of the locations you used. They were perfect for the shoot!

  12. Holly Widmar says:

    Beautiful family and beautiful pictures!

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