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Broncos Football Game + Backyard Portraits

Firstly, before I start to talk about Colorado family photo ideas, I just want to iterate this: 6 months is THE PERFECT time to have a family photography session or to take photos starring your growing babe. 6 month-old babies are usually sitting up and are usually quite proud about sitting up. Thus, taking photos of them at this time is perfect. And, 6 month-old babies can’t usually walk/move out of one spot super quickly, which is another great reason to have a 6 month photo session. And they’re big personalities are really shining through by that age, which is definitely fun to capture. Plus, 6 month-olds are so fun to be around!

And, now for lifestyle photography. Even professional photographers have different ideas about what “lifestyle photography” is. Wikipedia says, “Lifestyle photography is a kind of photography which mainly aims to capture portrait/people in situations, real-life events or milestones in an artistic manner and the art of the everyday. The primary goal is to tell stories about people’s life or to inspire people in different times.” My lifestyle photography sessions are a mixture of photojournalism and loosely posed portraits. I absolutely love photojournalism (which is more apparent in the Choose Your Adventure Sessions), and I try to bring that feeling to my lifestyle photo sessions. I work with you to create loosely planned moments to capture your family’s natural responses to these situations. To me, this is far more honest, emotional, and interesting than just static family portraits.

For this family lifestyle session, I spoke with Mom Steph, and we decided it would be fun to photograph the young family watching a Denver Broncos football game. While we all watched the Broncos beat the Bengals, I also documented the family action. During half-time, we headed out to the backyard to take additional photos of Mom and baby playing in the yard. Some of my clients have a hard time choosing what they want in a photo session (and I love brainstorming ideas!), but watching football was such an easy, fun family lifestyle session idea. Plus Baby Rielly looked awfully cute in her Broncos apparel! And keeping it low-key and close to home is often great for kiddos.

Enjoy the photos, and check out more ideas for Colorado family lifestyle photography session ideas below the images of sweet Rielly.

All images © Susannah Allen 2016

Colorado Family Photo Ideas

Choosing a location or an activity for your family photos doesn’t need to be hard! Oftentimes, the simpler the place and activity is best for everyone!

  1. Your home.
    I love photographing families inside their homes. Obviously, including your home in a family session helps tell the story of who you are now. And there are so many natural activities to do in it: playing with favorite toys, hanging out on a couch or bed, cooking, and on and on. Window light helps create gorgeous images.
  2. Your yard.
    I also love photographing families in their backyard. I usually look for shady spots or interesting backgrounds. It is great to capture kids playing on jungle gym equipment, with sports equipment, running around, etc.
  3. Your neighborhood.
    Some neighborhoods are gorgeous. Where I live, in Old-town Longmont, we have so many trees, which is a bit unusual for Colorado. Taking photos of the kids playing on the sidewalk underneath colorful leaves is perfect in the fall! Riding bikes, pulling wagons, walking the pets…perfect!
  4. A local playground.
    If you don’t have a yard, heading to a local playground can work well. Capturing the kids playing on equipment and you playing with the kids is great fun. If we do head to a playground, I like to find a shady spot to take some portraits in as well…playground equipment can be so bright and loud that it sometimes takes the attention away from cute kids.
  5. A local park.
    Besides photographing families in their homes or yards, heading to a park is a favorite of mine. Trees, bushes, hiking trails, oh my! Love, love, love. If you are bringing young kids to a park for a photo session, I suggest bringing a blanket, some toys like diggers or buckets or binoculars, dressing for the elements, bringing water along, and being even more relaxed about your expectations with your kids.

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