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Colorado Mountain Ranch Wedding | Katie + Dave

Boulder, Colorado Mountain Wedding

Colorado Mountain Ranch

Katie and Dave got married at the Colorado Mountain Ranch on a sunny day in the mountains outside of Boulder, Colorado.

Favorite memories from this wedding include:

*Wedding guests arriving via a school bus. To be all dressed up and traveling by this mode…just makes me giggle. And it went absolutely perfectly with the decor/ranch. I loved it!

*The speeches/poems read by loved ones during the wedding ceremony. One may have been “Falling in Love is Like Owning a Dog” (which is by Taylor Mali).

*Katie’s dad’s speech also made me giggle. As it was a couple of months ago, I forget the exact content, but I remember being impressed.

*The dancing, as per always! The wedding couple had bonded over a love of salsa dancing, so I was in awe at all the people who could dance for real. I loved it!

*The dessert table had so many options. Yum!

All images © Susannah Allen 2017

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