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Boulder’s Chautauqua Community House Wedding Photography

Community House Wedding | Boulder, Colorado

Out of all the Colorado wedding photographers, Natasha and James chose me to photograph their Chautauqua Community House Wedding Celebration that took place in Boulder last year. Their wedding reception continues to stand out in my mind–many unique, fun elements made it a memorable occasion in my mind.

First, the lilacs were at their peak. And lilacs just happen to be my very favorite flower in the world. So they had that going for them.

Second, I always go back to Chautauqua! It is such a great spot to have a wedding or other family event–there is plenty to entertain people of all ages (which means lots of space for kiddos to run around and lots of comfy, shady seating for when your feet get tired but maybe you don’t want to take off your heels just yet). This event took place at Chautauqua’s Community House wedding venue, which has a fabulous front porch and a wrap-around balcony on the inside, which makes for interesting photo ops.

Third, the couple. I loved their sense of humor, their taste, and the fact they…

(Fourth) hosted a Jeopardy game at their wedding reception!!! How awesome is that?! For those of you who know me (and who still happen to read this wedding photography blog)(bless your hearts), you know that I LOVE ME SOME TRIVIA! What a great way to entertain guests and get everyone involved in some fun. Many of the guests got quite into it too. And the projector/set-up was very impressive (and, again, made for some fun photo ops). (If any of you out there are getting married and intend to include a large format trivia game at your reception, please go ahead and hire me already.)

Finally, the couple are foodies, and I think I was drooling while doing some of the cocktail hour/pre-dinner food photography.

As always, thank you so much for choosing me to be your Boulder wedding photographer Natasha and James. I enjoyed every second of your day, and think about you as I photograph other Chautauqua events or catch a little Jeopardy. I hope you are well.

A few things you may have found out about me from this post: a) I love parentheses. b) I’m a bit of a nerd. (Or maybe you figured that out by now.)

All images © Susannah Allen 2015

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