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Boulder Colorado Wedding | Cynthia + Tom

Spring Boulder, Colorado Wedding

Sunrise Amphitheater and the Chautauqua Dining Hall

Cynthia and Tom got married on a cool, spring day. Their Boulder Colorado wedding ceremony took place up Flagstaff Mountain at the Sunrise Amphitheater and their wedding reception took place at the Chautauqua Dining Hall. I really enjoyed working these two–besides being amazing human beings who make a positive difference in this world and besides the fact that they’ve been to Plum Village (one of my dreams), their wedding really embraced who they are. This sounds very obvious, but when you wear a purple wedding dress, you have an Anarchy wedding cake, friends sing songs during the ceremony, and lots more touches like that…many couples are slightly more traditional. I love how their personalities and interests shown through on the couple’s Boulder wedding day!

Favorite memories from this wedding include:

*Spending time with Cynthia before the ceremony. She is so sweet and kind and I just enjoyed being around her.

*The music–from the Plenty Wolf Singers and a friend performing during the ceremony to the live band during the reception, there was so much music to enhance the celebration.

*I could go on and on about how much I love Chautauqua. From the cute cabins, to the beautiful mountains and gardens…one thing that this couple did was have a cabin with a babysitter for kiddos. What a great idea to make it official so that guests can enjoy the wedding!

*The weather. It was cool spring day, but the lilacs were in bloom, and I love how Tom helped Cynthia into her coat during the wedding ceremony. So sweet.

*Working with Root + Gather Events…such a great, helpful, fun team to have coordinate your wedding day.

*The cakes by Piece, Love, and Chocolate. Even looking at the photographs today is making me drool!

All images © Susannah Allen 2016

To view images of another Boulder Chautauqua wedding, visit this blog post from the Rocky Mountain Bride website.

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