black and white double exposure of woman


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Boulder Headshot Photographer

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A Walkabout in Chautauqua Park

Well, it wasn’t THAT big of a walkabout. It’s not like we met in the Outback of Australia or anything. Just at the Ranger’s Station parking lot in Chautauqua. To get a Boulder headshot swap. Caitlin and I met up there on a hot summer’s day–was it last summer or the summer before? I think last. Time flies.

At any rate, we met up to swap headshots. Using our film cameras. We walked around Chautauqua, up the main hill, and into this little grove of trees that I’ve always, always loved. And we snapped the occasional shutter–me mostly using my Pentax 645n medium format camera and Canon Elan 35 mm film cameras.

It was hot, muggy for Colorado. My hair went flat. I was sweaty. But the photos had to be taken.

If you are interested in artistic/creative headshots, please reach out via email. Details are always helpful. Context for brainstorming.

And enjoy these Boulder headshots.

woman stands under a tree and has shadow branches on her face

two portraits of a woman taken in boulder colorado

double exposure portrait

portrait of a woman with haze

woman shaking hair and head

black and white double exposure of woman

woman stands in tall grass in mountains

woman walks on dirt trail in boulder, co

It feels good to be able to delete this folder of images of Caitlin from my laptop. The folders of images to be blogged keeps growing, but the blog posts haven’t been regular. Once my last currently scheduled 2019 is over, once the family photo sessions die down, once the senior portrait rush is over, I will inundate you with images and information.

And, who is Caitlin? Another talented photographer, Caitlin Hamilton Photography! She shoots film too. And does cool things outdoors. So I like her.

Boulder headshot -- creative film photographyBoulder headshot - creative film portrait

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