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Arizona, USA

I learned something after I had my first kid: I should have gone out more. I should have gone out on long, lingering dates with my husband. I should have spent more of my free time with my girlfriends. I should have gone to more concerts. I should have gone on some epic trips to epic places. I should seen more movies in an actual movie theater. So when I was pregnant with my second, I knew I needed to get out there as much as possible. Weekly evening hikes with girlfriends? Check. Demanding some relaxing “me” time in the form of more frequent pedicures? Check. Flying to Arizona 6 weeks before my due date with my 16 month old son to be a tourist for several days? Check.

So, last October found me, my toddling son, and my dad in Arizona. Watch out Grand Canyon, Sedona, and the state’s back roads, we had some touring to do. Although bed time came early and meals out involved a toddler hanging from blinds and we didn’t do all the typical tourist stuff, I enjoyed visiting a new state and getting some of the travel bug out of my system until my second son is older. But mainly it was priceless to have my dad and my toddler spend some quality time together!

Below are some photos of our little vacation. Enjoy.

All images © Susannah Allen 2014

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