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Family Photography

Why Buying a Family Photo Album is Worth It

Family Photo Albums

Your images deserve to be shared in a family photo album. I don’t mind if I am an annoying broken record! Get your photos off your computer. Your computer will become obsolete. Hard-drives will crash. Files living on the cloud stay on the cloud until they are forgotten. So print your photos! Frame your favorites! Make family photo albums.

Whether you order a luscious heirloom album through me or make one yourself–I don’t care. Just create family photo albums.
(FYI, I offer heirloom albums–high quality gorgeousness that show off your memories for future generations to view. These premium albums are printed on acid-free, meaning the pages will stay crisp and white, high-end matte photo paper with thick, lay flat pages. These albums are ordered after your session, and I do 95% of the work. Easy peasy.)

Keep reading below for more on why buying (or making) family photo albums is worth it.

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Memories in Your Hands

I never look at personal photos on my computer. When I come across a photo album on a shelf or on a coffee table, I flip through the images, pouring over the details, reliving the memories.

Unlike digital images, you can hold a family photo album. You can sit down and share it with your partner, parents, and one day your grandchildren.

A Family Photo Album is a Priceless Investment

Simply put, a photo album will last. As I keep saying, your hard-drive will not. Facebook will one day go the way of Friendster. Instagram will end. But your photo album, sitting on your shelf or coffee table, will always be within reach.

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Gifts for Partners, Parents, Children, Loved Ones

A family photo album makes a great gift.

A few years ago, my mom gave me my childhood baby album soon before I became pregnant with my oldest son. It was especially meaningful to go through my baby photos at this time in life. It was also fun to go through the baby album once my children were born to look for family resemblances in them.

And, every year I make my husband a family yearbook. I take the best images or favorite moments and create a simple book using blurb.com. He loves this gift! I love it too, and it helps keep memories and milestones straight in my head, which always feels good.


Use Your Print Credit to Get Started

All of my photography collections include a print credit to be used for prints, albums, and additional digital files. Use this towards an album.

More Resources

If you don’t plan to order an album through me, Blurb.com is a great source for making your own. It does take time and these aren’t the same quality you can expect through me, but they do help solve the problem.

Happy album-ing! (I just had to end on something cheesy!)

why buying a family photo album is worth the investmenta family photo album is a priceless investmentwhy a family photo album makes a great gift

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